Friday, April 13, 2012

Sick Curse report

Yesterday went to the clinic since the health potion are not working effectively on me, and really the visit to the toilet per day is abnormal.

Initially started with full body ache, a sore throat and uneasiness the chest area. I was fine on the following day, but my digestive system was messed up instead.

Turn out that it was an infection. (*o* ;;)

Despite my precaution after sensing the feeling that I'll get sick, I still fail to take better care of myself, and to think I drag for 5 days before visiting the doctor for help.

It been a long time since I last got an infection, and this give me a shock since I was looking fine and I was very careful on my life-style.

But look like I may have some mistake in between, so I will need to tighten it more. Yet, kind of mad when I fail to notice something was wrong in my digestive system.

Despite told by the doctor that I might not gotten the curse from food, but it also cause me some sharp pain on my chest, since I got high blood pressure, so I need to continue back on my medication for that too.

Candy from the doctor
Infection may cause one body immune system to fail, which explained a lot on why I felt body ache especially on my hand and back, and why I having sharp pain in the chest and sometime breathing problem.

I forced myself to constant drinking water to refill my body fluid and rest a lot. But even if I say that, I still run to the toilet about 10 times per days, which messed up my schedule.

Still, at least today I am fine enough to go out with my family to get a birthday present for my dad. Good thing I went to see the doctor to get some candy for my curse, which really really help me out.

Talking about my dad's present, this year we giving him a wallet with a belt, since his belt look like it will break anything and his wallet look torn on some edge. Though there no cake since my dad is a full vegetarian.

Also, tomorrow will be going to pray and pay respect to my grandfather (mother's dad), so will be kind of busy, since my parents also told their day off to prepare.

Look like tomorrow will be busy then. (=w= ;;)
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