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Mugen Souls

圧倒的遊戯 ムゲンソウルズ 
Attouteki Yuugi: Mugen Souls

Alt Name:
Overwhelming Game: Infinite Souls

Genre - Role-Playing
Console - Playstation 3
Developed - Compile Hearts, Idea Factory

Released on 22 March 2012 (Japan)

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Chou Chou with Artis
Want to play a game where you get to destroy anyone and anything with your power?

Or do you want to see the damage over-rated?

See no further, as Chou Chou is here to show you that power which will blow all away that stand in your path.

Thinking that all 4 main characters of Disgaea are all very demanding male characters, you might want to take a peek at how Chou Chou ("Shoe Shoe") get things to go in her way.

Of course as all normal games, you don't get to see over-powered damages at the start of the game.

Training and Grinding is the way to go before you can start to see some real damages.

After all, Compile hearts also created Cross Edge (@Wiki) and Hyper-dimension Neptunia and it Sequel (@Wiki).

As seen in the video trailers, don't you just love the way they create such Chibi characters, unlike many games which demanded good models?

This game give a twist on a little "Back-to-basic", where the model of each characters is more on looking cute than detailed.

Despite saying that, the voice they give to each character is more than enough to make me think of the word - "Moe"

Of course there is 2-D drawing when characters are in either conversation and/or scenes.

What a Scenery
What one can took notice in this game is that the game creator ensure on the point that the background and surrounding is not excused from the Cuteness.

This is what make it a nice game which you don't really see what is out of shape, although I have yet to try out the battle-style of the game.

Frustrating enough, as the game name implied, the game is not going to let anyone think that the game is just going to let sit down and think it boring.

I don't wanna get hit by that....
As viewed in the video, what make one when playing the game to hold back their breathe is how they survive the attack which can destroy anything including the planets itself.

Initially whenever I play the Disgaea Series, I always thought their battle scene style look very imbalance.

But when my friend showed this to me, the first thing come to my mind; "So just how they going to live when they destroyed the planet they are standing on"

Where are the planets?
I'm amazed at just how they trying to fool so many other into thinking that "this just a game".

But even so, they did make good use of the game title that the game is overwhelming, which also mean overpowering and imbalanced.

Another amazing to take note down here is they each characters in the group are very 'unique' at first before getting out of hand at the end.

Hot? Here? You got to be joking.
Story and quest is all part of Role-playing, so they are not excused, still, what the story is going is based on Chou Chou's goal to conquest on the 7 planets.

Which is kind of weird, but still, that what make this cute and unique.

As mentioned earlier, their cute chibi characters are there to dish out massive damages to anyone who dare to stand in their way.

Of course, the monsters here are very determined, brave and "Clever" to walk up to the game characters for a fight.

That not an explosion, it just a big red mushroom <3
To many who like Compile Hearts games, and/or those who like chibi characters, you might want to take a peek into the world of Overly-whelming and overly-power game of Mugen Souls.

Still this is make me wonder about one thing; is the character you using the Main Heroine or the Main Boss of the game?

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