Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 15/04/12

Starting something new down here, where I will update on my weekly report for a change instead, despite daily post.

This is mostly on my personal comment on some stuffs at the end of the week which I will summarized on some of my previous posts.

Due to fresh new reader who been reading my blogs for a while, my thanks to you reader for making this a nice blogging experience.O(≧∇≦)O

It been about 2 month since I fully started back on this blogging, and I am actually shocked to know that I got reader who just find this interesting, and my thank to those who criticized. I will add in more Manga/Anime after I had viewed them and finished up to their latest chapters. φ(・ω・` )

Another thing that I noticed is that I got reader who inform me that they are unable to post comment on my blog which actually puzzle me as I only know the comment work if one log in to their google accounts.

But to ensure that comments will come in nicely, I decided to change the content to anyone who can post in a comment, but I will appreciate it to inform me if there're still any problem in the commenting.

No problem if you wish to add me in Facebook/Google+ and comment on the link instead, but be inform that I always view my Facebook more though.

Just to sum it all up, Daily post from Monday to Saturday, and weekly update on Sunday. If I missed one post on one day, I will post it back on a later day, but don't expect me to spam post a lot, otherwise I will be hitting blog block.

A small walking trip

So far, I still yet to touch on this game, and it been haunting in my dream to start playing this game.

It kind of hard to say since I yet to finish up on my other games, and I am embarrassed to say that I even touch up on my Final Fantasy XIII-2 too.

But Game is one thing only, since I still got Anime and Manga to hang out too, as I normally take my time to read Manga since I like to imagine the scene myself though.(^v^)

Currently I will clearing the Reaper in Mass Effect soon, but for now, it would be best if I clear my driving lesson too.(#/。\#)

[Photo from @Danny Choo]

I sure many would like to enjoy viewing the nice pink Sakura at Japan while drinking and eating with Family and/or friends, but unlike in Singapore, it normally hard to have this event though.

What my family would normally is when there is a flower festival/event which showcase many different flowers, then we will go and view them while taking photo for keeping.

So far I got a few folders in my computer with the picture, but I would like to enjoy view Sakura when I visit Japan during it spring though, and maybe do what I post myself.

From last week, I actually got infected by a sick curse which make me visit the toilet many times per time, but I am glad to say that I am recover now, but I still have to finish up on the yellow pills as to completely ensure that the infection is gone.

Actually I am shocked myself when I was told by the doctor that I got infection, since last Friday I write off the headache, sore throat and whole body ache as tired, and which I was fine on the next day.

Turned up my digestive system was cursed instead, and I had to put on hold on some of the stuff I doing, and even my sister don't dare to approach me to play the Tales of Grace F too. 

I will need to be careful on what I eat for now. Can't risk another infection myself.ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

Speaking of figurine, there is always never ending to figurine as there is to computer parts.
And I yet to play with my Black Rock Shooter and Hatsune Miku Append Figma too.

Not really a problem as Time is currently not a issue, but once I start work, it will be a different story though.

But I would finished up my courses first and then I will find something which to earn a bit income. After all, I need money for November.

What more I had went for haircut on Friday to the point that it almost like what one can say in Singapore; "Army Hair Style". (T▽T)

Not fully bald, but I decided to cut short due to the current weather in Singapore, and the fringe is somehow distracting my driving lessons which I think give a weird impression.

I think they don't see much of a male wearing hairband themselves.ミ●﹏☉ミ

And speaking of hairband, I still keeping them until my hair decided to start growing. For now, I keeping to short hair but I let it grow back long at a later timing. |ω・)

Well, to enjoy myself today, I going to eat slowly for my dinner, and it been a while since I last had a pudding, and my sister was shocked to know that Singapore had this pudding.∑(O_O;)

What can I say? I do take my time in the supermarket myself, and I'm proud to say I like to shop in the supermarket myself to see what ingredient to buy too.

That is for now, since this is a very long post already. Hope you enjoyed your day too.\(^▽^*)

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