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Eureka Seven AO Anime

Eureka Seven AO Anime
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Previously I did a small review based on the Manga series of the sequel Eureka Seven AO, and not surprised that now Fans are looking around for more information to know more on the Anime itself. So to add in more information and comparing the different between the Anime and Manga series down here again.

If you did read my previous post on Eureka Seven AO, you will find it hard to believe that the boy, AO, is the child of the previous series protagonists; Renton and Eureka.

Both this time, at first I was about to hold back my tongue when there were some different and change in the Anime.

But as far as this episode gone, I can sure to confirm that the plot is somewhere the same in the Manga, and there are not much different other than the enemies and the goal of the anime.

Someone look Familiar to you?
The main thing to take note, based on the Anime episode 1 and the preview, is that there is no doubt the women with the bright green hair can be any other person other than Eureka herself.

Not to forgot that both in the Manga and Anime, Ao did mentioned the word; "Mama".

Of course, the hint is very obvious in the start of the story when an old man mentioned a girl with the turquoise hair style, and who would think other wise?

Despite not able to see some fighting in the first story episode, the preview did give a big twist and as I mentioned in my previous story, how can it not obvious that Ao will pilot a robot which will say the words "Welcome Home Eureka"?

You can spoiler yourself and take a peek into the Manga first and know what happened, but be warn that one of the different down here will be the enemies though.

One of the things which I think returned first is the enemies as based on the pillar of light and how the other characters mentioned the words "Scub" and "G-Monster" which can give out destructive result.

But the words "Scub" did ring a bell? Do you heard of the "Scub Coral" in the first series?

And to add on that this is a sequel to the first story, what make it confusing is that there is a year set down in this plot; 2025. And it on an island between China and Japan; Iwadojima.

Never heard of that island myself, but  kind of making me confusing is that this is based on Earth, unlike the previous story where it show 10,000 years into the future, but to confirm my idea on this sequel, I will be taking a full day to re-watch the first sequel again.

After all, the enemies is different from the Manga plot, since the enemies here is call "G-Monster"

Of course, there are many different on the Manga and Anime too, but what one can see in the same is not just the character, but the destruction and we will be seeing again something very very familiar; "Nirvash".

Although there no confirmation in the Anime yet, but I do say that big rock that appear out of no where is something not normal in the first place.

And to think that the people who making this sequel are playing a fool to make this story very interesting.

Green Hair, Red Ring Eye
Not that I mind, but like Eureka, Ao hair turned bright Green with red ring eye in the next episode which confirmed all suspicious and mysteries.

But as I did ask in my previously post; where had Renton and Eureka disappeared to?

Although I would like to ask Ao what promise did he make with his mother in the story, but answer is, sadly, not confirmed in the manga too.

But I do agree with the old man who appear in the start of the story; "It in Human's Nature to wait".

Don't worry too much since episode 2 is going to be on flight this week, and I sure that one will expect a lot from this episode instead.

Even so, I am expecting someone"s" to appear somewhere down in the episode though.
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