Friday, April 6, 2012

D-Frag with the Punchline


Alt Name:

Author - Haruno Tomoya
Published in Comic Alive, Media Factory

Manga - Chapter 1 - 39 [Oncoming]

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Want to read some more Manga that is not legally logical but with a person keep giving out the punchline?
See no further as this Manga near here is the spot in another Gag and Joke.

Story start with Kenchi Kazama, a delinquents-looking student who want to be famous.

Together with him are Yokoshima and Nagayama, making them infamous around the school.
But their life change once they meet the members of the Game production Club, especially Kenchi since Yokoshima and Nagayama disappear somewhere along the way.

The club member are consist of;
Karasuyama Chitose of the Earth Element, also known as the Student Councils President 
Oosawa Minami of the Lightning Element, also known as Class D Homeroom Teacher
Mizukami Sakura of the Water Element
And last but less, Shibasaki Roka, Element of Fire and Dark 

And they are on the quest of playing game around, but not doing anything much, though you'll be surprise at how much they can actually do.(・□・;)

The club is actually a 'Temp' as the original Game Club is somewhere which appear later in the story, and Roka was originally from that club.

Actually, I don't really think of anything as I read on this Manga, but I cant stop laugh at how much the punchline which Kenchi can give out in one shot.

Although there no logic in this manga, but what make it interesting in how the punchline can make them back to reality, and I would recommend many not to try most of what they do, be it at home, outside or anyway you can think of.
To be honest, I actually cant stop reading this Manga a few again, as I like this type of punchline, after Kill Me Baby Manga.

With Kenchi being the Tsukkomi, I actually amazed at just how right the punchline was given. ∑(O_O;)

But as I mentioned, there no legally logical in this manga, so it best to stick to just read it and laugh at just much it can go around and about.ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
Despite all this, as I read along, Kenchi himself realized he gotten used to his friends and although many say he not famous, I would disagree on that.

What make Kenchi unique is his Tsukkomi and how he able to support his friends when they are in time of trouble/need.
There is also a release of Drama CD for this series, so you might want to take a peek on this manga to know what about the story, but do take a rest in between as you will be needing it.

And it seem like this is really the third post which I promised from a previous post, and Time really short over here, so I will stop for now. (@Nagakun)

No worry, I will continue to post more daily though, since there are so many thing to share around.

Well, do hope you will take a short peek on this manga and enter the world of D-Frag!\(^▽^@)ノ

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