Ng Yong Yao

Other Known Name
  • Nagakun / Naga_kun
  • Mada Faith Dale Walker (Mada Walker for short)
  • LightBiter / DarkNiter (Past usernames in Games)
  • Y_Y (Short form of my real name)

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What I'm introducing in this blog is mostly on Manga, Anime and Games (MAG for short), whether be it old or new when I come across it.
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How the "Mada Walker" name come about?
Frankly saying, it's actually a name which come in unexpectedly, and it's a name which "Evolved" from my real name. But I can said the initial name come in at a heavy price for me though.

Ng Yong Yao -> Ngyoyo -> Mad Table YoYo

Initially, when I started out, the name I used is "Ngyoyo" which is taken out from my real name, and later change to "MadTableyoyo" which I used first which I play MapleStory. The words "Mad Table" may sound weird with no links, but it come when I was in an depressing state.

It happened a lot during my secondary school life, where I was teased a lot and I really went "Mad" and start to throw "Table" at the one I hate. Yes, I was that crazy and was hoping that things would change if those guys never come and disturb me. But the life was finally change in a twisted way when I was solo again a gang during one time in school.

After finally "had it", I shouted at the people near me not to disturb me since they are the one who like to disturb me a lot, and after a while of non-stop disturbing again from them, I finally gave in and fight them.

There's one "fighter" among them and want to take me one on me, and as the fight gone on, the whole gang suddenly swarm on me and whacked me, which I grabbed a nearby table and throw at them in defense.

But this time, one of the guys went and grab the same table and whack me hard in my back, which caused me pain initially, and now I still having relapse from the pain.

The disciplinary Masters at that time did not believed me at all, since I was very infamous and even take me a nearby "whacky" clinic which did not help me at all in easing my back pain. The incident went into my parents' ear and they were mad at my school after knowing the truth from me.

My whole family tree were later informed and were mad at my school, since some of my relative come/graduated from the same school. First action, went to see my family doctor who advice my parent to make a police report and see 2 specialists; for my back pain and my depression.

With 2 medicate cases and a police report made, I heard from a friend about the polices having a chat with the school disciplinary masters and Principal, and the next day after the incident, they went and grabbed hold of those who fight me and caused my back pain.

My parents did prepared a lawyer letter at the same time, and the thing actually went up and blow up to the whole school at that time; I remembered told and warn one of the people that I will not hesitant to tell the police, even if they got a gang behind them.

By the time I went back to school after resting since I was unable to move due to the back pain at that time; the rumors about I'm being friendly with police, I was unable to move and only lying on bed, or even staying at Hospital and enjoying myself started to spread without my knowing.

The good things is that I was able to have my own relaxing time since I did not receive the disturbing after that; even the very one who threaten me about having a gang keep quiet and the gang who like to disturb me all avoid me to keep themselves from trouble.

I did ended up playing some badminton match with one of them, surprisingly skilled one too.

The incident? It went quiet after the people admitted their fault, and I let them off, since I give them another chance which I believed very strongly, and it really finally paid off. The teachers on other hand stop the other students instead after knowing what I did; they at first ignored my plead and complains when I was bullied or disturbed.

It was a very hard memory which I always wanted to forget and not to remember what I did due to my depression, and I always wanted to forget what I been though, which never happened to my friends who never seen what I been though. I later change my temper at that time too.

Madtableyoyo -> Mad Walker / Crazy Runner | Added -> Dark Niter / Light Biter

The series of 4 names was due to that I started Defense of the Ancient known as "DotA" and I change the "Table" to "Walker", a name which started from my frequent "walking sessions". "CrazyRunner" was later a counter part name from "Madwalker".

Later on, I added "Darkniter" and it counter "Lightbiter", a name which I taken liking and used frequently after I read "D.gray Man" and been thinking about "Dark" and "Light". For your info, the 4 names started out the same time when I started knowing Japan and reading Manga, and later on Anime.

But strangely, I never expect name "Madwalker" was the only one later "evolve" with help from "Darkniter" and "Lightbiter".

"Darkniter / Lightbiter -> Dal [short form for "Dark And Light"]

Mad Walker -> Mad Dal Walker

Yup, that is how my blog web come about! That is the reason why I said it was "Strangely" and it been on used by me until further "evolving" into a longer name.

Fai [Short form for "Fire And Ice"]

Mad Dal Walker -> Mad Fai Dal Walker -> Mada Faith Dale Walker -> Mada Walker 

Just in case you wonder, "Fai" is also based from the Tsubasa Character, Fai (@Wiki). But using the name "Mad Fai Dal Walker" seem not much like a name in the first place, which I later in "A", "Th" & "E" which completed the name. And I later keep "Mada Walker" as short which I been using.

"Nagakun" is a name which my army friend went and did a little research on my Chinese name, "永耀" which they strangely translated as "Naga Nagakun".

I don't know how they did the translating, or how true it is, but though I been using it as It sound nice for me. And it been a little joke which my friend pointed out "Nagakun using Razer Naga"

There you have it, a strangely and unexpectedly name which "evolved" from my own real name and though I would like to say it hold no meaning, but due to the history of the name, I been holding on it despite my friends saying the name seem strange or weird.

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