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Kurogane (Manga)

Also stand for "Black Steel"

Creator - Ikezawa Haruto

Series - Manga
Published in Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha
6 Volumes [Ongoing]

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[Do not mistaken this for another similar Title in the same Magazine; Kurogane by Kei Touma]

Story plot started with Hiroto Kurogane, who is very weak in any type or any kind of sports, even though he is gifted with a special type of eye where he can see everything in slow motion when he concentrate.

Yes, his glasses are meant to help him to relax his eye, which he claimed can tired him out very easily. Plus his Stamina and Durability is so low beyond an average person.

Other Students doesn't want him to be in any sport clubs, though his classmate, Tsubame Shiratori wish for him to join the Kendo Club since he is very kind.

Just because he helped her to pick up her Eraser.

In any sense, she pass her Shinai to him and warned him of a ghost by the name, Sayuri Toujou, who will cut down anyone is in her path.

Interestingly, it just so happened just after that Kurogane met up with the ghost herself, and after dodging her first strike, he ran back home and placed some salts around him.

Salt is say to scare off spirit, but too bad Sayuri like Salt.

Sayuri explained to him that she was the last descendant of the Sakura one strike kill Sword Art, but due to a fire that caused the life of her and her student, the Skill was lost with her as the last.

And so, she decided to teach Kurogane her skills in hope to pass her skills to him and to let the skills be well-known to the world.

But due to Kurogane's weak will and body, he refused to join.

Of course, what caused him to finally pick up the sword was when he need to fight against 3 bully who want to pick up on Tsubame.

Talk about being a Hero and saying that he want to be one.

Sayuri teach him on the spot on how her skills was meant for the weaker girl to defend themselves, which the skill was meant to be in the first place. It also a Counter Type which prefect for him too.

Due to the teaching from Sayuri, Kurogane was able to win against the 3 Bully but he wasn't that willing to join the Kendo Club yet.

But Sayuri got idea and tricks up her Sleeve, after one of the National best Kendo User go the same school as Kurogane.

Shidou Hazakura, whose refused to quit Kendo despite his Left Injured Hand, is pretty good in Kendo with just one hand.

Kendo do allow one hand, and there was some who used 2 Sword.

Zoro of One Piece used 3 Swords! (One held by his Month)

To ensure that Kurogane will join the Kendo Club and to become more powerful, he need a rival who is Shidou.

She used some tricks by ensuring that both Kurogane and Shidou will fight, and to her expectation, Shidou acknowledged Kurogane's skills even when he is an amateur.

Even later on, Shidou lost to Kurogane (with help from Sayuri), and after the skills shown by Sayuri, both Shidou and Kurogane signed up for the Kendo Club to improved their skills.

Problems come as the Kendo Club is considered as the weakest in the school, and it few members.

But that didn't stop both boys, even when the Senpai in the Kendo Club doesn't like Kurogane due to his weak body.

Their Physical test done during their first day was to check on their Power, Durability, Stamina and etc.

Of course, Shidou get the highest and even broke the Kendo Club previous highest record, while Kurogane also broke the record by getting a Zero.

Yes, he the first weakest person to join Kendo Club even when they know of another weakest person.

During the second phase of the Test, Kurogane was able to pass with a prefect scold, which was once held by the Same Weakest Person before him, the Kendo Captain Tsurugi Kamiya.

One Strong and Tall Body, and the title of Captain, Tsurugi took notice of Kurogane instantly due to the Test Result, and told Kurogane to work hard.

Tsurugi know the meaning of being Weak and working hard before, so he did share his wisdom with Kurogane to help him get stronger.

Also as the Captain, Tsurugi is the only strongest person despite being once the shortest and weakest in the Kendo Club. Puberty sure play a big prank on him.

Anyway, thank to Tsurugi, Kurogane work hard on his Skills, where he trained his body in the afternoon during Club Activity, and continuing his Skills Training by Sayuri during his Sleep.

Yes, talk about Imagine Training. Sayuri train Kurogane in their Dream, and she did give a little reward by baring her oppai a little, which shocked the hell out of Kurogane.

Also, I laughed at how Sayuri doesn't show any mercy to Kurogane, and that in Dream, Stamina is unlimited which isn't an issue for him, but being hack and slash by the Sword is a painful experience for Kurogane.

Well, both sleep together, but no worry as Sayuri is a ghost in the first place. She took over the body on one of the Family Doll, which both Kurogane parent accept her as one of their family instantly.

It was due to that they claimed for having shower love and care for the doll that it come alive, but not knowing that it was Sayuri who is in the doll.

I actually wonder how she can eat and sleep in the first place, but that didn't stop her from being a cute little girl like by people around Kurogane.

No one expect Kurogane saw her true form, though later she will show it to some other. And she is one true Teacher who care and teach the right way for the boy in the Kendo Club.

Kurogane learn the basic for a week and he even win over another boy,  Aoharu Ebana, whose skills and Stamina is way better than him.

Most probably due to the friendly match in the early chapter give Kurogane a wake up slap to let him know that there are people who are more better and powerful than him.

Well, what got me peeking into this Manga was due to the Art and the Story plot. I like how the story path around and about, though I had to imagine the movement of those Kendo fight in my mind.

Did the same for Prince of Tennis and Initial D before, though I think that Anime would show a better movement, no doubt.

In anyway, learning Kendo got it good point like the walking / movement which can help in daily life.

As far as I peeked, do you want to pick up on Kendo in Kurogane?

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