Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peeking at Dollfie

Dolls Collection is pretty much common now, which many collectors are actually Male.

I did played (maybe one of the few) to play with Dolls since I was very young. Maybe be due to the fact that I received Plushie Dolls instead of Cool Cars Toy.

As much as I like cool stuffs, I also like Cute Stuffs, which is why I slowly started back on Manga during my Poly Life even when I started Peeking into them when I was in Kindergarten.

I also played with Barbie Doll a few times, and helping my Imouto to take care of her Dolls as she tend to abuse them, and I might be someone who will one day be given the words "Weird" when I didn't know or even awared that I was such a little Otaku until my Parents forced me to study instead.

To be honest, there was a Traumatic period for me and Dolls when my Teacher decided to show the Movie Child Play.

Like when I once afraid of riding a Bike due to bad experience, I was afraid of Dolls being alive and didn't want to peek into one at all.

But that all change once again when I take a re-peek at those Dolls during a Walking Session during Past Years AFA Events.

What gotten me to rethink my view on them and start to think them as cute again was that I saw the amount of collections shown at the Booth, and how which of them being cute, with some of them being Cosplaying as Characters, especially mostly Anime.

Even Danny Choo got his lovely Daughters and he expecting one more new Daughter which is Mirai, as her Face Expression is based off the original art work.

I would love to have my Clean Hands Grabbing to one lovely Doll myself, and during my Peeking at CJ Night Singapore Last Night, I was able to talk to some Doll Collectors from the Community of Fujiwara Yukino,

A few of them took turn and time to speak to me and how to take care of Dollfie, and even informing me on what Materials to look out for first when Purchasing one Dollfie.

I was interested to grab one but I have no experience or knowledge of Dollfie, so they really slowly taught me, and I really Grateful for them.

First off was the 2 Common Type, the String Doll and the Jointed Dolls.

String Doll joint are all fix with a string, and if the string is cut off, the whole dolls will break apart which is the Sad and bad of it.

But the great thing about it is that each body part are mostly hollow which made it more lighter and the movement of each joint look more natural.

The Jointed Dolls is of course, don't fall apart after one joint is remove, but the movement, pose and action are fixed due to the limited of the Joint, but it still depend on the Collector's taste.

It also seem that Jointed Dolls can be easily customize for each body part after I checked the website which was recommended by the collectors; Volks.co.jp, which not only got Dollfie, but also their accessories, clothes, shoe and even their Hair Wig.

Though one can choose to grab a completed dolls, there is an option to customize one dolls from scratch  but I was recommended to choose the first choice instead.

Experiences are what need when taking care of Dolls, and they did give me a very valuable lessons, like informed that some Clothes dye can easily strained on those dolls.

I also get to touch a few with my Clean Hands to know how different type of Materials used for each Dollfie, which gave me a pretty idea of each one to set my Sparkly Eye on.

I used to peek at mostly Figurines at Amiami, until I also spotted dolls at the site too, which made me remembered about those Dolls I peeked during my Walking Session in AFA. Most of the dolls shown at Amiami are based off Anime Characters, and I do peek into them once in a while.

As I do take care of my Figurines, I was given a very simple information of taking care of one, and that is to think that Dollfie are bigger Figma, which can change their Wig, Clothes and look more cuter.

That really sum it up.

One can give those Dollfie a bath by using clean water to wash them, and need to dry them by wiping using a clean cloth. The wig and clothes can also be wash by normal water.

The Dollfie are also best not to stay under the Sun for too long, or they might get Tanned though there are some collectors who loved to have that happening to their dolls.

It seem like those dolls are more alive and cuter than one think, and the most I looked at those dolls, I find it more cute. Staring at my Figurines also got me Smiling Silly to myself.

To think that I even telling the Big Boss of Good Smile Company that I owned a few and Good Smile Company sure know how to put a Smile on anyone face, including me.

But I'm a person who like Cute and Cool stuffs, and will step into almost anything to know more, and I really get my Sparkly Eye getting more Brighter after learning about Dollfie and how to take good care of one.

I own a few Plushie Dolls, but I didn't get a chance on Dollfie myself, but thank to the friends people I met at CJ Night Singapore, I really learned a lot than I expected.

At first, I only peek a few at Amiami Site, but with more information, I get to have more range of Peeking at Dollfie before I decide to choose one for my Clean Hand Grabbing.

Another thing I almost missed out is that Size of each Dolls, and there even an option of choosing the Gender to the Size of the Female Dolls Oppai.

That did gotten me Jaw Drop which I initially thought all of those Dollfie are the Same. Seem like if I never ask them, I would never know about those traits of each Dolls myself.

I really had to thank to those friendly Dolls Collectors for sharing their experience and knowledge on Dollfie, and I really grateful for their time.

With those information and ideas, of course I just had to share them around to let more people to peek at Dolls on a different view, and maybe to collect one, or to rethink about their view on Dollfie. One can also take photo of them during Anime Events if there is displays of them.

I'm sure Danny would bring along her Daughters and showcasing them in his booth too.

I was shocked when Danny Choo give a talk and showing a photo that there were Male who carry doll around 100 Years ago.

My first Though was what happened to those Male Collector 1000 Year ago instead?

Well, take a peek at Wikipedia on Dolls as it showed more different history on them, and letting you know more about their initial Culture.

As I been telling a few thing in previous post, Peeking at Cute Things might help to improve one Eye Sight, so best to either a Figurines or Dolls at bed Side or somewhere near so that one will get to look at them all the time.

Taking care of them may be a problem, but that give you an experiences of how to take care of a real person next time.

As far as I peeked, have you decided to start collecting Dollfie?

[Credits - Some Photo-taken from Danny choo Website, Friends and some taken during my Walking/Peeking Session.


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