Monday, November 12, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 12 November 2012

There are just too many Cute Figurines around, that even during my Walking Session over at AFA 2012, got me Sparkly Eye Activated around from peeking at nice Figurines Displays to Nice Cosplayers.

It's good to have those type Events where one can have their Eye Sight Improved due to too much Kawaii and Moe Stuffs around.

No matter what, one must take care of their Sparkly, Concentrating or Peeking Eyes, so that one can look out for more Nice stuffs around.

So this time again, we are going to peek into some Cute Figurines, and at the same time some nice and pretty Figurines Again.

So we need 2 cute girl from Yuri Yuri who got very cute pose, and one almost being forgotten, as always.

YuruYuri Complete Figurines @Amiami

You'll not able to expect one to use Magic or one using her Hair Dumplings as Rocket Missiles, but what you can see is that they have very cute pose.

Akari is such a good girl that she is Smiling and Waving at you to grab her, but hope that she is waving at the person behind you instead.

Miracle-n Magic might improve your Eye Sight Magically due to her Cuteness, and I wonder how she can stand that way with one legs. Must be Magic again.

The only thing I can think up of is that there maybe a ghost helping to support her back.

Minamitsu Murasa @Amiami

Well, She look thinner than what I remember from the original as based off from Wikia.

Since she can hold on very firmly to that heavy looking Anchor, she might be the one helping to support Miracle-n.

In one ways since she is holding to the Anchor, she do pilot one ship and capsize many other, so if you wish to sail some ship in the sky, you can look her up.

If you're afraid of Spirit or Ghost, then you'll need to hire the User of Darkness to help you chase off some.

Arisia (Queen Blade) @Amiami

Well, she really look like Alice wielding a Sword and making use of Dark Energy to fight, and even her Dress code seem like one.

She is based off from that, but I need I might get a few seconds stun myself just staring at her revealing chest and almost mini skirt.

Her long sword is just for show and the details is very nice, so careful not to stare at her for too long, or thinking something weird.

You would earn a strike out from her, either by her sword or dark energy.

But there is one time where you can peek all the time, and that is when the girl are in swimsuit!

KOS-MOS (Swimsuit Ver.) @Amiami

I'm not sure what kind of swimsuit she wearing, but she still look so good that they decided to have her re-release one more time after the initial release since 2009.

Her pose and that swimsuit really made her stand out nicely, which mean that you'll get to peek at her a lot more then what you expected.

She did revealed a bit of her oppai, so if you're an easily Nose Bleeder or Fainter or Heart being Attacked, den look at your own risk.

If you want younger looking girl, then some Magical Girls might help to improve your Eye Sight.

They are doing very cute pose for a start on top of wearing cute Swimsuit, so you can peek at them all you want.

Mami and Homura are sure looking great on their swimsuit, though I wonder where the other disappear too. Maybe they're still preparing.

But even just the two of them, got me stunned for a few minutes as they look really cute, so if the latter group come out, I might get stunned for hours instead.

The Maker, WAVE, sure know how to make many nice Girls in Swimsuit especially for the Beach Queens Series.

I own a few girls in swimsuits, but just Peeking at them over at Amiami site and during the Walking Session at AFA, really did got my Sparkly Eye Activated.

Whether looking at cute stuffs will help your eye sight or not is depend on what you see.

Different person have different choice of cuteness, and My Imouto like Nendoroid as they are more Cuter than Figma or Complete Figurines.

There were some last minute Sale during the AFA 2012 Walking Session which is a good deal to grab some cheap and nice Figurines. But it still best to sometime pre-order on-line to grab some nice and latest Figurines.

As far as I peeked, Any Figurine Activated your Sparkly Eye, or improve your Eye Sight yet?

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