Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 4 November 2012

With November now, Winter Season is here though it raining in Singapore.

I had went for some repacking and moving around some of my Furniture in my room, and same go for my file and photo clearing.

Well, my family did celebrate both My Imouto's Birthday and Halloween at the same time, which is still good, though we're back to doing what we normally do daily.

There are just so many different nice Manga and Anime Peeking, which I can never get enough, and are some Peeking for the week.

Figurines / Anime Goods

Manga / Anime 

Good thing that there so many nice Peeking, and to think that some changes in my room look so nice and neat too. That same go for the Keycaps which my friends helped me to order.

My thanks to him for even helping me placing them in. Interestingly, there was a missing piece, and luckily the WASD are going to send that one missing Keycap.

The sizing of the Spacebar was too big for the Razer Black Widow, so I'll be keeping that for instead for future possible uses.

Currently, I'm Peeking on the latest Anime Series, which most of them got me Sparkly Eye Activated due to their Story plot, and some are being what I been peeking from their original based off; Manga / Light Novel.

In anyways, time to continue some of the Peeking for Anime and Manga before the Monday Blue kick in.

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