Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peeking Session at Culture Japan Night Singapore 2012

Yesterday went to Culture Japan Night Singapore 2012, which Mr Danny Choo, bring along Representative of Good Smile Company, ASCII Media Works, Production I.G., NitroPlus,  and having talks about their work.

Even Fujiwara Yukino brought along her friends! And I got to learn how to start up and take care of a Dolly!

But let take some simple peek at what I been peeking when I was over at the Hiding Place.

The Event took place inside Kallang Theatre and It was written at the Site that one had to register beforehand and bring along $10.

Took a step in and gave my piece of Red piece of Plastic paper to them and was given a pass to write my name.

I saw there were another Registration which many people were signing up as they wish to be Mahou Shojo / Shonen.

Don't worry about Male being Mahou Shojo as I once Peeked into a Manga that about Mahou Shonen.

Even Danny Choo did signed up himself so that he can be a Mahou Jiisan!

I had a pretty idea of having Danny Choo cross-dressing, when he once showed off his Pajama. But I wonder what my Costume would be like when I transform.

Hopefully my Magic Wand isn't a Walking Stick. ( ̄□ ̄;)

First off inside the booth, The Good Smile Company Booth where Display of some latest works are being Showcase.

They're all set for Flight, and normally I get to Peek at those Figurines in my Figurines Reports, but looking at them up close was way more better than during my Walking Session at AFA 2012 GSC Booth.

I did grabbed a few Loots over at the Booth during AFA Walking Session and while my Hands were still Clean.

But taking a peek at the actual Figurines over at CJ Night did got me Sparkly Eye Activated, even the latest up for Pre-order Miku Dayo was showcased.

But what got me from Sparkly Eye to Shiny Eye was when I get to meet and speak with Aki Takanori, who is also the Big Boss of Good Smile Company.

I did shown him a little peek of my Blog, and I told him I really like those Nendoroid and Figma, and I grabbed a few myself during AFA Walking Session.

And due to that, I was given a High Five!

He had helped to purify my Hands to become even more Cleaner, and also mean that I need to have more Clean Hands Grabbing from now on.

It isn't everyday you get to speak to them a little and telling them how much you like their products.

And that including Anime Directors / Producers who also turned up at the Events, where I get to take a little peek into Hatsune Miku's Appearance, 009 Re: Cybord Movie and even knowing the latest Cute Anime Wooser.

There were also other booth like Tokyo Otaku Mode and Collateral Damage Studios, whom brought along interesting products along to the Events.

Danny Choo also set Mirai booth up for the event too.

As I had tried out this interesting new Apps; Otaku Camera. I really like how it worked, and how it let one like Manga even more.

So click on that Bold Blue Wording and try it out with your phone.

Another showcase is Fujiwara Yukino and her friends, where I get to not only take photo and take a peek at them only.

I also talked to a few people of the community and get to learn on how to get started on Dollfie, like how to take note of the Material, what kind of dollfie there are, and the Clothing, and I really learned a lot and will be posting about it at a later timing today.

Of course though out the whole event, Danny Choo was having talks as the host on the frontline with the Representative, and showcasing works with them.

He also had his own talk himself after he took a short quick Marathon to and back from the toilet, having key in a records of 6 Seconds.

Of course I was his First Road Block just right at the starting line! (>.< ||)

The Chatting Session was very interesting and many people at the Event got to learn a lot of different stuffs, including me.

And at the end of talks, there was Photo-taking Session which many immediately stood up and to get a close up for their photo.

As I bought my Iphone 4 instead, I didn't get to have much photo myself, but the experience is more than enough.

As I mentioned, it isn't everyday you get close up with those Big-shot and having some little Chatting Session with them, and for some people, showcasing their Works.

I'll admit that I did stayed up late until the end to showcase to them my Blog. I did hoped to have my story be present one day.

I did once written a very very short story in this blog, and I discontinued due to some personal family issue, but later started up on a few different stories.

As the Room were filled with many Comrades, the Hiding Place did get very hot even when the Air-Con temperature was lower.

Seem like CJ Night had proven that having many people packed together can helped to keep each other warmed.

Good things I wasn't wearing my Black Armor or I'll become a roasted Snake.

At the end, there was a last Photo-taking Session as a group, and some Signing Session by Danny Choo.

With so much to peek and listen on, Culture Japan Night was sure enjoying.

As for now, a few Anime Peeking before Dollfire Peeking.

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