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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Sakura-sō no Petto na Kanojo
The Pet Girl of Sakura Hall

Creator - Hajime Kamoshida
(Same Creator as Torakiss)


Light Novel
Drawn by Kēji Mizoguchi
Published by ASCII Media Works
10 Volumes [8 Volumes + 2 Side Story | Ongoing]
(Claimed to end with 12 Volumes)

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Drawn by Kusano Houki
Published in Dengeki G's Magazine, ASCII Media Works
2 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Directed by Atsuko Ishizuka
Studio - J.C. Staff
5 Episodes so Far [Ongoing]
(Claimed to have 24 Episodes)

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Developed by Netchubiyori
Published by ASCII Media Works

-Play Station Portable
-Play Station Vita
[Visual Novel]

Set Flight on 24 January 2013


Story plot started with Sorata Kanda, a normal student who was forced to move from the Regular School Dorm to Sakurasou (Sakura Dormitory).

Most Residents from Sakurasou are label as Students with Problem, and for Sorata's case; He refused to abandon a Stray Cat.

But being a Problem Students isn't what the Sakurasou Residents are good with.

They got their own Talents which is out of reach for Normal Person.

Misaki Kamiigusa, Sorata's Senpai, maybe someone who is consider as Alien due to her Way too outgoing Personality and Explosive Speech.

But she had earned her enough Fortune after selling an Anime created by herself alone, and she tend to create Anime with her own hands instead of a Team.

She is very great in her Study and Art despite of her own Anime, and her Career Survey of "I'm Too bright for my Future" just got me laughed non-stop, which I loved to put this type of choice myself.

And there her Childhood Friend, Jin Mitaka, a playboy who dated many different girls.

He help Misaki with her Work especially for the Story Script, Plot and giving his advice on the Anime.

He is very good with his Story, but he still received some bad review, like how the Story line doesn't suit Misaki's Anime.

Interestingly, it was shown that both Misaki and Jin got feeling for each other, but Jin felt that he wasn't good enough to match with Misaki, and thus he dated many different girls to become a play boy.

Well, later on they did clear their own misunderstand since the both of them really suit for each other when they pair up and tease on Sorata.

I laughed at the present Misaki gave Jin; Herself.

Another Resident, Ryūnosuke Akasaka, a Hikikomori who rarely leaves his room, and tend to communicates with the others phone message or emails.

Sometime, his self-created AI, Maid, would reply on his behalf.

Maid is really a very great AI, who can communicate with anyone without the need of help from Ryunosuke, even though she was originally created to filter mail, and reply to some mail to save time for Ryunosuke.

But as the programming for Maid keep getting better, Maid tend to reply Message herself with her preferences almost all the time, and the reply tend to be very fast.

She also seem to be more Human-like than being an AI due to the point that she can Hack other computer, or even Create Virus and sending them to other. She also see a person emotional by using the Camera.

Ryunosuke's goal was to give Maid an Artificial body, even though she required a lot of Hard disk space and RAM.

With just this 3 person, it was enough to give Sorata the pressure of being unable to reach their kind of Level or Standard.

Even the one in-charge of them, Chihiro Sengoku, a Teacher at the School, who only wish to date a rich man and doesn't care much. She reached Level 30 even though she still said that she is 29 Years and 15 Months.

Due to her Laziness, she tend to throw stuffs to Sorata and letting him handling those problem, like fixing Sakurasou Signboard, or even the house chores. Well, You can say she is almost the same as Yukiji Katsura of Hayate no Gotoku.

There later come Yukiji's Cousin, Mashiro Shiina, an very well-known Artist who decided to become a Mangaka.

As she only know how to draw, she doesn't have the Common Knowledge or Sense, and Sorata is given the duty of taking care of her.

From taking care of her daily need, cleaning her clothes, to even picking what kind of underwear for her to wear, or else she wouldn't wear one. Sorata sure doesn't know the blessing the Creator had given to him, but I just laughed at how the Relation between the two of them which can be so epic that I laughed non-stop and watched the same Episode / Scene Over and over again.

The duty was later passed on temperory to another newly Resident, Nanami Aoyama, who has a crush on Sorata.

The reasons on why she decided to move to Sakurasou was that she was short on Money for the School Dorm and due to the point on how close both Sorata and Mashiro had become.

The initial and second Misunderstanding cause by Mashiro cracked me up to the point that My both Stomach and Heart hurt so much, but I still watch the same Scene over and over again, and laughed till I dropped.

I did peeked a little into the Light Novel and Manga, but the Anime Version cracked me like no tomorrow, which I really looked forward for the next Episode. My praise for the Creator for this Series, and the Anime Director too. Well, there is a claim that the Light Novel will send with 12 Volumes including of it 2 Side-story Volumes.

I like how Sorata's life changes in any way, as he claimed that his life is boring, having everything being fixed like everyone else.

But due to his encounter with the Sakurasou Resident who got their own Talents, Sorata got the Stress of not able to reach their Level, and wanted to leave Sakurasou at first.

He was good to have both Jin and Ryunosuke being to able to give him good advice, and I like how Misaki able to cheer the house up. Well, Sorata got his hand full with Mashiro too. Chihiro can stand one side as she tend to give improper advice, which really made her the same teacher as Yukiji. Interestingly, both Teachers got their own Dream but dropped it due to some reason, and both like Alcohol and want to date rich man.

In any sense, the Residents of Sakurasou sure are living to their fullest daily, though there is one who tend not to leave his room.

As far as I peeked, do you want to move into Sakurasou which housed many Talents Residents in Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo?

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