Monday, November 12, 2012

Mada's Peek and Grab 4

Did some more Walking over at AFA 2012 on Day 2, and again met up with some friends along the Walking Session.

Of course I did locked on Danny Choo during my Walking Session halfway to ask him to sign on my Mirai Carry Case.

AFA each year got it own unique style, and at the same time having some same booth like one where it sell some Anime Wooden Sword.

This Year AFA 2012 got some nice Booth like Sword Art Online, which was surprisingly very popular and having it stock of goods sold out just half the day.

The first day I did mentioned that I grabbed Mirai carry Case which come along a Mirai Glossy Paper Bag, which is very very useful.

I did just a few name cards exchange, and the Mirai Carry Case was good enough to store those name cards.

As there were also nice Paper of information given around, so Mirai did helped me to keep those paper as I continue my Walking Session.

Also along the Walking Session for Day 2, as many booth wish to clear as much stock as possible, there were some where they put up some very nice Sale which is very tempting to grab with.

Though I own a few Gundam model myself, I didn't went up there to having a MG grade Model myself.

I was given Advise and knowledge on those Model from my Gundam Collector Friends, and some other who told me the different in each model.

But making one myself will be a different thing all together.

Also, My Little Black Rock-chan been very lonely, I decided to invite a few Nendoroid Friend for her.

Well, my Imouto like and prefer them as it seem that Nendoroid is more better than Figma or normal Figurines for her taste.

I will be taking a few peeking around on Rock-chan and her new friends whom I invited, but I do need to go around peeking at Culture Japan Night at Singapore today first.

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