Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mada's Sunday Report 5 Jan 2014

ready for battle
Been so long since the last Sunday Report, and I might afraid this might be the last one or second since I will be starting up a new site.

Yes, I'm starting one site which is mostly on Anime and Figurine well there are Manga included no matter how I see it.

Only thing is how I going into that battlefield myself.

No worry if you're wonder how I going to do it, but I will just do it since I currently back to being a NEET again. Those who know me will know that I was working part time to earn that bit of cash to grab some lovely figurines.

you just do it
As much as I hate to do something, I currently taking a short nap before starting up something weird.

So weird that I will just start to post stuffs on the new site instead of this.

Don't get me wrong if I not going to blog - I'm 'upgrading' into a site and not really a blog.

But either way it still having me posting stuffs, only thing is that I will blog on this site with random stuffs, while the site will be mostly on Anime, Japan music, Manga, Figurines and Japan games.

To be honest, I got a lot of people telling me not to do that, including my parents, but for now I still going to kickstart for now. And I will ensure that will be one good site not to miss.

For now, just bear with me just a little more, while I trying to start with the template. Another reason why I didn't start at the year was that I was upgrading my wardrobe. Yes, I got a new and very tall wardrobe that I on the time being to clear off the old clothes and at the same time cleaning up my hiding spot.

You can say I changing my working place over in my hiding spot to ensure that I got the mood to start posting stuffs once I get the ball rolling.

As for now, just let me relax and listen to some japanese music~<3 p="">

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