Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saber Lily Nendoroid

Well, I did said that I will post this up, but to think that I forgotten about it. Anyway, I did took a few photo of Saber Lily, which got actually got a cute face expression.

Didn't took too much, just around 10 of it. Which mean I will need to photo take her with other nendoroid at a later timing.

Those nendoroid sure are cute, and to think that each joint got a Good Smile Company Smiling Face Expression, which is very nice, and I will be letting her doing some pose in a few day time.

I was peeking at some Light Novel which I forgotten and lost track of time myself. Still, I will be having a few Anime Peeking, but what I will be doing, is that if I peek into some Korean Variety Show or Drama, I will be posting them just a little.

But that doesn't mean I will be posting all. My blog still have those nice Anime and Manga which I will be tend to peek more.

Back to Saber Lily, the good thing is that she got 2 swords, but she can't dual wield. And I really did wish she can. Another thing is that she got a bit more joint, so she can actually do more different pose. Face Expression come in one happy, one angry and one shy expression. I like the happy one.

So let take a few peek of this nice little nendoroid.





I would need to find myself some cute animal during Walking Session now.



Will you help her hold her weapon?








This is the reason why I like her happy Expression, it made her look cute.


Well, we will see her some time later again. Will need to introduce her to other Nendoroid of mine.
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