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Mada's Anime Goods Report 6 February 2013

There sure are many interesting stuffs to share around this weeks, which did get my Cleans Hands itching.

I really had to give my hat to those people for making simple item into something nice, cool, and even useful too.

That the purpose of Anime Goods, which this week I going to take a peek into some of the stuffs that activated my Sparkly Peeking eye at the first glance.

First off, the first two picture are very nice Long Cushions, or you can say "Dakimakura".

Dynasty Warriors 8 - Long Cushion Cover @Amiami
-Wang Yuanji
-Lu Xun
-Cao Pi

For those who like pretty cool male for a Dakimakura, here Lu Xun and Cao Pi of the Dynasty Warrior Series, and Wang Yuanji is also very pretty.

I wish there Diao Chan, but anyway, if you want a nice girl or boy, look like this would be a nice choice to grab. The design did have one side of the characters sleeping, so you can rest assure that you'll not be sleeping alone.

But if you need something to cover your eye, which I also did sometime, then there Eye Mask which you can grab.

Eye Mask @Amiami
-Yuno(Hidamari Sketch)
-Sisters(Toaru Majutsu no Index)
-Kakshi Hatake(Naruto)

For something that is very useful when sleeping, I had to admit that someone will get fool thinking that you're still awake.

And you get to see from the view of what the Anime Characters is looking at; In your dream when you're napping. I get to only see darkness and nothing more, so the result will vary from others.

And if you want to see something nice when you wake up and remove the eye mask, then you'll need to put up some posters.

Wall Scroll @Amiami
-Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo

Well, seeing girls in swimsuit for a flesh new start, might be funny, but it do get some people up, though they will still be late for work or school due to staring at the poster for too long.

But even, looking at something nice to start the day can be very refreshing. Don't need to be girls in swimsuit, but cute girl or anything nice. It's all up to you.

But since I was staring at Sakura-sou no Pet na kanojo poster, it did seem like there the game for it, which you can grab if you like story-based visual novel.

PS Vita Game @Amiami
-Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo

What made the game interesting is that it like a Dating Sim or other Eroge, so you can get a route which may be different from the original series.

But those "what if" situation and story line are also pretty interesting and nice, and it seem that pre-ordering of the game can get some nice little figurines which come along with it.

If you are unable to read Japanese, or want to try out Visual Novel game, then you can consider grabbing this. Problem is; You'll need a PS Vita to start with.

If you also someone who like Tanks, and at the same time like plastic kits, then here something you might be looking for.

Girls und Panzer Plastic Model @Amiami
-Ankou Team
-Leopon Team
-Kuromorimine Girls High School

With the Anime hanging somewhere out of nowhere, I really wonder why they go that far with just showing even barely considered as a Season.

Even so, what I can still give is a thumb up for the initial story plot in the first Season, and will be looking forward to it next anime season.

With so many thing hanging there, and so many characters need to be introduced, I really wonder how the story will be heading, so maybe you get build a plastic model of the tanks beforehand.

If you're very good with building a model, you can try this out, but if you're not a builder, then you get ask for help, like how I learnt to build my Gundam Models.

One thing that got me really interesting would be this set of item which got all Asuna.

Sword Art Online @Amiami
-Asuna Newlywed Life Set 

Consist of a Paper bag with refill bottle, Cushion cover, tissue box cover and 4 Coasters; All with Asuna pictures on them.

And those item are very scarily useful. The refillable bottle can be fill with liquid soap or even normal water.

For a set price of 5,250 Yen, it sure a good bargain since you can hug the cushion or even ask Asuna for some tissue. You can even let her hold on to some warm water with the coasters, and again, the coasters may even be use as decoration if you like.

If you want to hold on to your favor anime characters when writing thing down, then you can grab this.

Sword Art Online @Amiami
-Ball Pen Set
-Mechanical Pencil Set

To Love-Ru Darkness @Amiami
-Ball Pen Set A
-Ball Pen Set B
-Mechanical Pencil Set A
-Mechanical Pencil Set B

With one set of 4 at the cost of 1320 Yen, it good for holding with the clean hand and at the same time writing stuff down.

Thing is, the pen only got Black color, so it'll be a problem if you want another color. For the mechanical pencil, the lead is 0.5mm.

Good thing about those pen and pencil is that you stare at the characters for sometime, but don't expect them to answer you back.

If I going to school, I would surely like to stare at my pen/pencil more than the teaching instead. Even best would be daydreaming about the anime too.

And if you want, there even clear file where you bring along to put your paper or maybe homework.

Clear File @Amiami
-Sword Art Online (Fairy Dance Arc)

You may use it like any clear file, or use it like a poster and decorate your room wall. But bring it along can be a good thing when you need a clear file to store some important paper inside.

Don't forget to thank the characters on the clear file when that happened to you. Having the clear file with the picture might seem stand out, which is what you want because it will be a problem if you mix in your file with other normal plain file.

It really seem as if that the characters clear file are helping to safeguard and look after your documents. Having one will surely come in handy anytime when you need to store some paper.

Again, one of the common Anime goods; Straps.

Pinched Strap @Amiami
-Rin Natsume
-Kudryavka Noumi
-Komari Kamikita

This strap really amazed me due to the design where the characters are being grab from their back, as if you're picking them up by pinching.

Some got very interesting design, and I like how it seen as it just hanging around, especially to your mobile phone or hand held console.

Like what I said before, the character might or not help to look after your stuff, plus they help to liven your stuffs and increase your otaku level. Either way, you can paste them to your wall as a decoration. Well, Straps are like decoration nowadays.

Last one to cool off this week report again would be one body suit, with Black Rock Shooter.

Black Rock Shooter

-S size
-M size
-L size
-XL size

-XS Size
-S Size
-M Size
-L Size
-XL Size
-More different BRS T-shirt

-28 Inches
-30 Inches
-34 Inches
-36 Inches

I can really understand if T-shirt and Jersey are sold, and they are expensive too, but having a jean which sold at 15,000 Yen (200+SGD) and getting it on-line.

Well, the great thing about the design is how it look so great and nice, plus the jean got many nice design where even the pocket look so nice.

It really made it seem as if that just wearing Black Rock Shooter T-shirt isn't enough but the jeans is needed as well. Consider how nice the design is, I can say it might be a good grab just that I don't get to know ohw great the material of the jeans is (12.5 Ounce Denim). There are many different Jeans Material too.

Wearing all three might seem overkill, but it do prove how much of a BRS fan you're. Also there are many different design of the clothes which I personally would like to grab a few too.

You can even wear it to sleep if you like, and with a Black Rock Shooter Shoe, socks, glove and hat, that what I would call a full sets.

Well, there are sure many nice anime stuffs with a many which we peeked being very useful, like clothes for wearing or clear file to store in important documents, so as far as I peeked, is there any Anime Goods which you find it very useful?

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