Monday, February 25, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 25 February 2013

Hmm, seem like there sure are many different Figurines for this week. And to think that there are some Real Action Hero dolls this time around too.

Personally, thinking about them, they are a good start for caring, plus they aren't that big or too expensive. Well, it still more experience than a normal figurines.

Still, there are some other figurines which we will get to peek at, and some of them are good for the Peeking Eye.

I still peeking at some of my cute little Nendoroid in my room. And of course I do play a little with the Figma. If only they can speak those Light Novel to me before I sleep, that would be great.

Still, the different about RAH are that they look Figma, but they are more than that. And the most obvious one is their clothes, which is made of real cloth.

Real Action Hero @Amiami
-Sayaka Miki

Between those two, I would go for Saber myself, since the good thing about it is that her joint are all cover up by her costume.

Which mean she can pose more nicer. But Sayaka also look not bad too. But my favor character is still Saber since that anime was one of my Favor since I first peek into it.

But of them got their powerful weapons with them, and they sure know to do some damages. But what one need to be careful is to take good care of them.

For what I peeked, It would seem that Saber look a lot better with the clothes and pose. Well, the price is still the problem here.

If we are going for the complete Figurine, then we can peek at them. And let take a peek at the current Anime that still on flight.

Senran Kagura @Amiami

Started from a Game, and famous when the Anime is air. It seem that Katsuragi had enter the stage before the other 2 more will enter. No Worry, those Ninja Girls are well known for their skills, and their Oppai.

Katsuragi is well know for her strength and her fondness to tease other girls' oppai when she got the chance. Interestingly, she don't wear bra when she did her transform. The only thing I notice is that only her shoe change when she fight. Well, she is my favor character in the list.

But never forget one thing is that her strength is very scary and powerful, if you're not careful enough. For me, she look pretty and cute, and her cheerful face sure look bright too.

But there is more girl with a nice big Oppai and not that scary or powerful.

Super Sonico Bunny Version @Amiami

A bunny Maid Super Sonico. Okay that is overly cute, and pretty nice too. If she were to add in glasses, then I sure some will jump up.

She sure look like she is ready to serve some nice Tea, coffee or milk, and for some; "Me". I must say that the coffee for now, and that the details of it figurines is really nice.

Well, FREEing sure know how to have those nice pretty and sexy girl to pose. The scale isn't small, which explain the price which is seem to be higher. Even so, so far I been mentioned a few FREEing figurine, which those girls can be nice to chat with, or know how to serve some drinks.

But since this time Super Sonico is the Maid, I wonder if she can help me out with cleaning my room too.

If you want characters out of games, which also did have their Anime, then here some more of them joining their gang.

Shining Series @Amiami
-Mistral Nereis
-Elmina Rhoderia

This time Mistral joined the gang, and she is one out of 2 Favor characters in the Shining Series, the other being Sakuya.

One thing I will give praise, is her pose, which that nice hand sign and face expression.

Well, that pose did seem that she is ready to fly again. But since she is a pirate captain, I was thinking if she will sail away instead. No worry if you want to grab her and afraid her getting anywhere, she will pose nicely and stay there.

Her cheerful face can be a nice wake up thing to look at first.

There is another set of girls, who based off the original male in Sengoku Era, and yet I prefer the female version of them.

Sengoku Otome @Amiami
-Ieyasu Tokugawa
-Hideyoshi Toyotomi

The other series based off the Sengoku Era and having those characters being Female is Oda Nobuna's Ambition.

Well, I did play Sengoku Basara and I still like those characters too. But in any sense, the girls in this series sure are nice, which I wonder how did I miss out this nice Anime.

Will need to try to find the series out when I can. But what I can say is that what amazed is how they can a pretty girl like Ieyasu being look so bad. Ah, well, knowing the basic history, it can be easy to say that Ieyasu can be seem as either bad, or good person. But the main characters, Hideyoshi look so much different from what I expect. Still she is the cute girl in the gang.

If we want some girl who look like Goddess or angel. Well there is one figurine which you can consider.

Ah! My Goddess! - Belldandy with Holy Bell @Amiami

The details and pose sure look like Goddess really come down to answer our prayer. But this remind me of the Anime, which I used to peek a few times.

I do have to give a praise that the details of the figurines look very nice, especially the hair and the angel wing part.

If you wanna grab her, do make sure that your placing her in a sacred area in your room. If not, I would not know if her Holy aura will shine out a lot. Well, you can add in a back light to show off her power.

Now, let take a peek some nice little cute figurines, and they are so cute, just taking a peek at them is very helpful to the Eye.

Mikoto Misaka and Thunder Shot Special @Amiami

First was Miku and then next was Saber, this time around Look like the Shocker Mikoto is going to take a drive, even when there no update of her having any Driving license.

Well, if the car is run in electricity, then you won't need to worry about the battery or anything since Mikoto can give out some lightning to run the car.

The only thing I wonder is whether too much of the power can overheat the engine, or increase it speed with a power up boost.

You can have fun taking a peek at her when she drive around in that car. Just that you need to be careful when it not driving in your hiding spot or room. Either way, I wonder which of the three will be the fastest.

Well, there are some who like to sit down and watch the race instead.

Petanko - Angel Beats! @Amiami
-Kanade Tachibana
-Yuri Nakamura

The three of them would look great sitting down in the working desk or monitor screen. I would glad to just peek at them all day as their cuteness is really good for the peeking eye.

The way the three of them sitting down and staring at you, is just so cute that I got nothing to say.

I really wonder how those cute little figurines can be so good for the peeking eye. So if you got one or three of them, better place them where you will peek a lot. Your Eyesight might get better.

One more last cute nendoroid to peek at.

Haruka Minami @Amiami

Look like she is joining Kana Minami and Chiaki Minami. Well you can ask her to cook for you since she got a knife and frying pan. But what I am shocked is that she got a scary face expression when she holding that knife.

Well, she got a pretty and smiling face expression, but the scary face expression is just so interestingly. It really made you wonder what kind of cooking will she come out with.

Well, you can let the three of them walk together to school, or you take her to your school.

Anyway, the last figurine to peek on before I closed off this week figurines report.

Yukimura Kusunoki @Amiami

Well-known as the Double Trap, meaning it was he who cross dress and look like a girl, turned out to be a real girl who think she is a boy.

Well, a Trap is when one cross dress and you can't see her or him cross dress. Yukimura had created the newly Double Trap. Either way, she can change between Swimsuit and Maid costume is what amazed me.

Well, if you want her to go to the swimming pool, she got her swimsuit. If you want her to serve you some drink, she got her maid costume with her. Well, the good thing is that it been confirmed that she is a real deal girl. I wonder how the story plot will go on, though I did peeked into the Light Novel myself.

Well not going to spoil out too much, but I will post a little at a later timing. As far as we peeked, is there any cute figurine girls you want to peek more or just clean hand grabbing?
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