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Play Station 4

Sony Play Station 4
Scheduled Release - End 2013

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It had seem that all the rumor and expectation had come to an end when Many people wonders about the successor to Sony Play Station 3. Just a few days ago, Sony had show some sneak peek into Play Station 4, including the specification of the game Console, the new confirmed Controller, the PS Eye and some of the game which will be release to suit with the Play Station 4 (PS4).

First few peek of the video is enough to get some people interested in the new PS4, some of which the new confirmed had received both good and bad comment. A whole new design differed from it previous 3 Generation, one thing for sure is that it to ensure the players / gamers to have a better grip of the controller while playing the game; which is the longer hand grip.

The new PS4 Controller, known as DualShock 4, is not the only controller suit to PS4. Sony had also included that the current PS Move Controller is also compatible. But what no surprising is that the Current PS4 can also act as the controller, which mean that one will / may / can grab one when purchasing this PS4. The Current Version PS3 Controller and Game will no longer be supported in the PS4. Sony did mentioned that there will be no Backward Compatibility.

I'm not sure about it, but meaning to say that, one will need to keep the Current PS3 if they want to play those PS3 Games. Getting a PS4 and having PS3 Games will equal to nothing to play at all.

And for the PS Vita which was somehow or somewhere deem as a failure due to lesser Sales, will get it peak when PS4 is due to release.

Some might go and grab the PS Vita beforehand since it going to be very compatible with PS4, as due to PS Vita touch screen feature. No wonder if you unable to grab a PS Vita, the new PS4 Controller do have it touch pad, and one thing for sure; one will miss the Start and Select when PS4 is release.


Both buttons of Start and Select will now merge into one button call Option, which can be deem as similar to the PS Home button in the middle. The Famous Play Station Button; Triangle, Square, Cross and Circle still stay with the directional button. But the Analog Sticks had change which is show to be similar to a Microsoft Xbox Controller Analog Stick. How it will feel will only be release in E3 2013 as there are still Test Drive.

One more new button to the controller is the Share button where one can share and upload video over the web when playing a game. As so, it will be easy to upload game video to site and share them with friends. Another thing as similar to a PS Move, the PS4 Controllers had it own light feature which is also similar to PS Move, the movement and low health feature is there in PS4.

I do have to give a good praise for Sony for having this nice and new PS4 Controller which had throw away many expectation and rumor about the PS4 controller. So if one need to think future PS Controller, one will need to rethink and reconsider about the design.

As I did mentioned that PS4 will no longer have Backward Compatibility, those who like PS3 will need to keep them well. Another great change is the Software when introduced in the sneak peek.

The profile and trophy page had took a great hit, and this is what I would call; a nice new change. One can add on more details of themselves, what games they played, and the trophy they unlocked.

They can add on their own nice face to the profile too, if they want to. Also when there is a PS Move, there is the PS Eye, and this time it took a new change. What got me always wondering is why did PS 3 and Xbox had something like Wii, the long little thing that need to be display in front of the Television. In anyway, the PS 4 Eye took a longer and smaller design which also mean a better lens and good audio recording and receiving.

Also, as the specification of the Console, Sony had said that they will go High End, so better spec is needed, and for a start, AMD CPU and Graphic card had been shown unlike the previous previous of the Nivdia Graphic Card. Well, AMD graphic card had gotten better, and I'm using the same driver myself.

When Video of the new game were shown, I did say Wow! The image had shown to be very nice, and that what will happen when one play some nice graphic game?

Final Fantasy and Diabolo 3 were scheduled to be compatible with PS4, so one can image the nice graphic when playing those games. Even the Kill Zone had shown be only with PS4. Not other platform or PS3 had been release. If the game will make good use of the Touch Pad in PS4, then one can expect some nice fighting and shooting in the game.

After so many years since the release of PS3, improvement of PS3 were shown to be nothing much, but what I give credit is that the PSP, was not or never die down since it released and the improvement made.

The reason was due to the Japan having so many different nice PSP game, which ranging from Dating Sim to even fighting games. But PS Vita wasn't at it peak, or having it shown time.

What I can think is that when PS4 is released, and the compatibility of PS Vita is shown, then there will be more PS Vita Games. Sony did mentioned where they trying to let PS4 Game compatible with PS Vita too. A nice way to counter the lesser game PS Vita.

The PS Network still stay the same though.  But still, with the nice and new design of Dual Shock 4 and PS Eye, one can't wait to know what design is made to the Console. I surely don't want it to be the same as the Super Slim PS 3 if you're asking me. Since all are newly designed, I would expect a newly design Console.

What Sony also cleverly didn't mentioned is the price of the console, with all those mentioned of High End, nice demo of the Games played, the feature, the newly Dual Shock 4 and PS Eye. The Price of the Console is going to be the next biggest challenge Sony will be facing. If too high, All will consider, but if it lower, or at an affordable price, then it will be one big success for them.

Only time will show what will happen to PS 4. Wii U was released, but personally, I didn't heard much of it from anything or anyone. I do Own Wii myself!! The last Famous Console that yet to be released would be from Microsoft XBox. If they do something, then PS4 will be the leading Console among those 3 (Wii, PS and Xbox).

If one want to PS3, then you will need to consider if you want to play those current games, or wait for the PS4 with the new games. For those who own or owned a PS3, will you consider grabbing a PS4?

As for now, as what I had mentioned - Only Time will Tell more Tales, so we can only wait for it.

(Credits - Photo/Video from Sony PS4 Site)
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