Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alone at Home for Valentine Day

Oh, Today is Valentine Day and just when I was having some big plan on going out for some personal Walking Session.. It just had to rain.

Well, Tomorrow will be another walking session anyway, so it would be fine. But I more likely to try to get up early and go out.

Today I also got myself some Chocolate to bite on since it Valentine Day.  And, well, they are still tasty just only that they are bought by myself and given to myself.

Very lonely, dont you think?

But I would have to thank the rain for making my day, which give the right mood of myself alone at home and staring blankly outside.

I did peek at some Manga though, but there are also some show which I also want to take a peek at. Even if I'm alone, in my own hiding spot, there are many thing for me to do like playing games and peeking at Anime, Manga and Light Novel.

Just think that today is just another day, with normal stuffs to do. Well, I do know that there are some Couples out there having fun, and some not. Either way, I still wish that everyone can just enjoy their time.

Anyway there are girls in my room, so I not that lonely actually. Yes, those little nice Figurines and my Dakimakura are there for and with me. Actually thinking this way is to calm my mind, which in another person's view would be somehow pitiful.

Somehow I had to admit that I been buying chocolate and taking some bites out of them for the past few years.

Never really receive any true Valentine Chocolate at all, but good thing for me is that I am able to eat Chocolate, I was shocked to know that there are someone I know who are allergy to Chocolate. Well there are cases where some are allergy to normal stuffs like milk.

Also, earlier when I mentioned that about a Walking Session, Well I did a check on the weather and was kind of shocked to know that the rain will be a big one. Which is why I got no choice but to cancel my Walking Session for today.

Meaning to say that I will need to walk more tomorrow. Walking Session is what I need to walk more, and not just staying at home only. Well, I still got my hikikomori gene somewhere in my body.

Just staring at some cute little figurine are more than enough to get my smiling silly, and they are good for my peeking eye too.

Anyway today is just like another normal day to me, just that I get to bite on chocolate and enjoying a nice wind from the rain today. However I do need to set up a Teru Teru Bozu so that there will be no rain tomorrow.

Can't have a bad weather spoiling my fun on a walking Session tomorrow. So for now, time for some Manga Peeking.
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