Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Rebuild of Evangelion

I did wanted to post this last week, but better late than never. This is one of my favor Anime which I peek once during my youth time, and funny thing was that it was my mum who told to watch it by forcing me to wake up very early.

Due to that, this Anime did leave a deep memories in me. So I think this would explain why I like Evangelion even when it been so long. Well, the Series currently having a Movie which I try to peek when I got the chance.

So let take a peek at some of the Anime Goods.

First off, some bag to carry around and to show them off.

Shoulder Tote @Amiami
-Rei Ayanami
-Asuka Langley Shikinami

Reason why I want to peek at this is not because it an normal useful bag to carry some stuffs. For me I would place my wallet and phone inside, but there are some more stuffs which this bag can carry, so let take them out to check.

And here we got a little string bag which can hold on to some stuffs.

Drawstring Bag @Amiami
-The 4th Angel

This would be a nice little bag to place my phone or wallet inside before I place this into the tote bag. It easier to spot this thing first then just going though your bag and try to find them.

The design of the cloth is very nice, which amazed me as the 4th Angel design look like some Chinese New Year bag. Well, I sure many would like to go for Eva01 due to the machine. Well, since it 18 x 15 cm, it can store a lot of stuffs into. Just try not overload it.

Sometime you get stress, and you need to relieve them.

Squeeze Keychain @Amiami

You can store this into the same tote bag or just chain it to the tote bag. But one thing for sure, it still a keychain. So you can just ask the angel to protect your keys..

I'm sure it wouldn't mind getting squeeze to relieve your stress. Actually, I do want to squeeze it due to some personal reason, but just the head can be kind of creepy.

Many who do not know about the series, they might mistaken this head, or think of it as normal decoration.

If there is one who come up and talk about Evangelion and notice this keychain, you can rest asure that person / otaku is the real deal to talk with.

Another thing to take out, would be the nice little bento filled with some tasty bite.

Lunch Box @Amiami

What you going to place inside the bento is up to your decision, or depend on who is cooking your bento most of the time.

Getting a bento to bite is very nice, easy and tasty too, which is why the time to prepare it isn't easy. I know there are many tasty bento which were decorated very nicely.

Just getting a bite is enough to get a headaches. For me, I tend to cook a simple one, or just eat out. But should the time come for me to cook a bento, then I just release my cooking skills.

With Food, next is a drink and we need a cup if possible.

Japanese Sake Glass "Ochoko" Set @Amiami

Who say Sake Glass is to drink Sake only?

Well, actually it been a long while since I last tasted Sake, which I wonder if I can grab one of those cup and drink Sake with it. Or I can pour in water and imagine it as Sake.

They still something to sip on. The design of this set actually got me a surprise, which I find it a very interesting mix of the Japanese tradition design with the anime.

But what got me wonder is how did the 4th angel look like some ghost wavering around.

If you're wondering why 1st and 4 is there, is due to EVA01 and the 4th Angel, so there isn't any 2 or 3 in there. Well, there is the EVA02 and EVA03, but I wonder where they hiding.

Well, will you just look at the time.

Plate Clock @Amiami

It still small enough to keep inside the bag, but I would like to grab this since I threw away an old broken clock.

The design is nice too, just that at night it would be hard to peek at. The material for this is also very good too, just try not to drop this. I know nowadays people tend to check time with their handphone, which I also did so.

But you don't get to see anyone who bring a clock around and taking it out to show other when they ask for the time.

Well, since we checked the bag and it content, is there any Evangelion anime goods you would like to grab?
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