Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving on to a new site

It bit sad to say this, but as like the very last Mada's Sunday Post in January 2014, due to being inactive, from the lost of my Grandmother to later my Grandfather, many things had happen so fast that I didn't get to recover fast enough to be back in my game.

As I had mentioned that I had create a new site, I will officially retire this site, and moving on to a new site, Rev - AMF

ReV-AMF - Review on Anime, Manga, Music and Figurine

Don't worry, this site is still up and running for some peeking, but for latest updates, of course I will be starting to post more on Anime and Manga etc from that new site.

Thank to many support who been peeking into this site despite it inactive, but do support me in the new site, where I will be going all out.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mada's Sunday Report 5 Jan 2014

ready for battle
Been so long since the last Sunday Report, and I might afraid this might be the last one or second since I will be starting up a new site.

Yes, I'm starting one site which is mostly on Anime and Figurine well there are Manga included no matter how I see it.

Only thing is how I going into that battlefield myself.