Monday, December 3, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Report 3 December 2012

Ok, In order to go out for some Walking Session, and to show out your Otaku Level just a little, then let start with some Basic things first.

K-On!! Mobile Pouch @Amiami
-Azusa Nakano
-Mio Akiyama
-Ritsu Tainaka
-Tsumugi Kotobuki
-Yui Hirasawa

We need a Phone, else even if you ended up somewhere at the least you got a phone to call for help. But I hate placing my phone in my pocket since it hard for me to take it back out.

So I need a Mobile Pouch to place it in, I can also get another one to place my wallet but if you place some coins, they might mysterious disappear during the walking. Also due to the size, best to just get one and put in it your mobile.

Mobile phone too plain?

Hayate the Combat Butler: Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Lovely Strap @Amiami
-Ruri Tsugumi

You can use a strap since it very useful, the only thing I got a headaches is that I can't place it on my Iphone though.

Not sure for Samsung but if cant use a strap, there another option.

Need a weapon for self defend but don't want it too be too flashy?

Sword Art Online - Earphone Jack @Amiami
-Asuna's Lambent Light
-Kirito's Elucidator

Too bad this Earphone Jack which is another option to replace the Straps is just too flashy, and more expensive than a normal Strap.

But on another hands, Sword Art Online Fans would love to grab this, since it very nice, cool and have a feeling of wielding Kirito's or Asuna's Weapons for once.

Another thing is that it design seem to good like a good luck charm, so good to have it around. But if you gonna to listen to some music, then you will need to take it off before plugging in the Earphone.

With the phone nicely place in the Mobile Pouch with or without the Straps / Earphone Jack, we do need to have it attach to the pants, but where?

K-On! the Movie - Full Graphic Belt @Amiami

If there is a hook or hole to attach it then one doesn't need to worry on that, but if there isn't; maybe wear a belt.

The Cute girls would be hugging your waist and you will have many passerby staring at you; with/out Green eye.

But from what I see, they are so cute that I wanna wear it, but I tend to tuck out my shirt and cover the belt instead.

With the weather so cold, maybe I need a Scarf.

Binbougami ga! - MofuMofu Scarf Towel @Amiami

It depend if you want a Lucky Girl or Unlucky God to be wrapping your neck or anywhere on your body.

I would go for the first since she is cute if not for her initial bad personality and Luck absorbing ability. Still, she is a very lucky girl who many guys would like to follow her.

Also, for those who like Flat-chested Misfortune God, then Momiji might be your option, but I likely to get curse by her for saying the flat-chest part.

But anyway, just imagine they are hugging you when you wrap them on your neck, and you'll felt their warmth which will keep you warm from those cold weather, including Singapore Rainy Season.

Even when there are many rains, some time the weather do get cold easily and that also mean easily to get sick, so need to take care.

As for me?

I staying at home and drink some hot nice Coffee / Tea instead, even when I loved to walk / run in the rain and get wet.

Mug @Amiami
-Sword Art Online

-Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Well, I would normally just drink in 1 or 2 gulp and finish the water, but maybe having this type of mug will get me to stare at the cup and slowly enjoy my drinks.

The second one might get me nose bleed instead though. But from what I see, best to go for some Walking Session before getting home and enjoyed a Mug of drinks.

As far as I peeked, do you take out some Anime Goods for Walking Session?

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