Friday, December 7, 2012

Biting up some Food 5

I not the main Cooker in my family, but there are times when I do cooked, but mainly that is for me.

And my favor? Instant Noodles!!!

They are the best invention ever and many people do like taking a bite out of it since it easy to cook and take shorter time to prepare.

But there are some time where I do take my time cooking Normal Noodles instead of the Usual Instant but of course Black Rock Shooter is the one doing all the cooking.

Even her normal instant noodles look so tasty, don't you also want to take a bite out of it too?

In anyway, I do cook Ramen, Udon, Soba or Spaghetti which the problem of preparing them is the Sauce or Soup that going to mix with the noodles.

I got many experiments and tasting all by myself, and hoping to try and get the best Tasty bite so the one who going to eat them can enjoy the food I cooked.

But I not like some professional Chef, or even leveling my Cooking skills to the Max like Asuna did, but it for basic need and maybe possible Future planning as a House Husband.

I tend to listen to my Mum's advises on cooking despite my Dad having a Chef Certificate. Reason being that my dad tend to force use his method of cooking which is totally different from my way of cooking.

But that is the least problematic I had to faced, since the biggest one is that I always had to cook Vegetarian Style as my dad is Full-part Vegetarian, so no meat, Onion, Garlic etc mixing in my cooking.

Me, Imouto and Mum are part-time, so we all fine with what I cooked but I tend to go for more when I cooking for myself.
Had to spoil myself with nice Tasty Bite that is cooked by me alone, though I'm fine if some of you wanna visit me and hoping for a bite from me.

And I don't getting myself damage by my bad cooking, which I will only take a small step in changing the recipe one by one. So far I did tried having Ramen with Spaghetti Sauce, which turned out a bit of funny.

Well, Curry is still the best sauce to mix with most of the noodles, plus it easy to prepare since I like how the Japanese Curry Mix being Vegetarian friendly.

Since my dad doesn't want Garlic, Onion and Meat on the Sauce, I got a headaches when preparing the sauce for the Spaghetti. The only way I can make a nice cream is cooking potato till it very soft, Mash it and mix with some milk and Voila.

I will take some photo of that in futures to show my nice Vegetarian Spaghetti, which I experimented a few time. It might be plain, but the taste will be a Shocking Tasty Bite.

As for now, do you like cooking for yourself?

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