Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 23 December 2012

Been doing personal and went out for Walking Session, to the point that I Lost Track of Time.

I know that Time can sometime run very fast, and sometime very slow even when they all running at the same pace.

But still, the feeling of Time been lost can be a headaches for some situations.

This Week I been peeking at Figurines more than usual, both there are also many different Anime, which I also looking back at old one and I will be start to post them on-line next week. As for Manga, there are a few which I also do want to recommend too.

This Week got 2 Nendoroids joining Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid; Miku and Luka though I would love to grab the number 300 Series Nendoroid too.

I do mentioned many many times that peeking at Kawaii stuffs might / not improve your Eyesight, but I just can't stop staring at them since they are so cute, including those nice Anime Goods like Keychains.

Would love to grab those nice new Keychains and add them to my Collection, at the same time increasing my Otaku Level.

If we play by Toaru Majutsu no Index I do dare to give myself a Level 4, but I been deem as Level 5, which I wonder why.

But collecting Manga and those nice Anime Goods are for personal Fun issue. Well, different people got different reasons and those Figurine just look so cool, cute and nice.

Anyway, next week is time for Cleaning, finishing up on my Duel Gundam and playing some games though Christmas and New Year Celebration are not to be missed.

Iwould cook up some Curry Rice / Spaghetti for tasty Bites, but I think Christmas Cake would be nice. As for now, Time for some Anime / Manga Peeking, since many Series are ending their Episodes this month.

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