Monday, December 17, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Report 17 December 2012

There're just so many interesting Anime goods to grab with, and I did saw a few people who prefer to place straps on their phone, which is one way to show their interest in the characters / series.

When 2 of the same series talk about the same thing, even if they are strangers, the topic can go on and on, which is why they hit it off very easy. Even I tend to give a few easy topic to start with.

Though when I talk, I will be talking on and on and very long, even listing out the details.

But let start with some Strap and Keychain peeking which activated my Sparkly Eye.

First off the list is the Handphone Cleaner, which also act as a Strap to the phone and increasing the Otaku Level. But what I was shocked was how those girl showing the Grab me, Hug me, Buy me look on their face.

Their pose also show how much you must grab them.

Smartphone Cleaner @Amiami
-Horizon Ariadust
-Masazumi Honda
-Tomo Asama
-Kimi Aoi
-Nate Mitotsudaira

Kind of waste to use them as a cleaner, but remember to thank them when you do use them to clean the screen of your handphone. Their pose is really ready to get hug, and their look just tempted me to grab one.

But same as usual, if you're not going to use them as strap, you can place them your Hiding Room Wall, Wardrobe, Bookshelf or anywhere as a decoration. Well, Christmas is nearing, maybe they might help to liven your Hiding Room.

Whether Doomsday will come or not, that I will comment as "Maybe, Maybe Not, Maybe I Don't Know".

But what I do know is that the K-On!! Girls are who I might want to invite for Christmas Party!

The Designs is the same, but there is the Pinched Strap and Keychain, depending on which one you wish to grab with; for your handphone or the Key.

Interestingly, the reason why they are call the Pinched Strap / Keychain is due to the reason that they are "Grab" by their back, and the design make it seem like they are being hang from the grabbing, but since they are small, so Pinched is the right words.

But their cuteness just went up another level, which I find their pinched look so cute, and some doing nice pose like Yui, or Azusa looking like a Neko being grab by the back of her neck.

K-On the Movie!

(For Handphone)
Pinched Strap @Amiami
-Azusa Nakano
-Chisato Ikeda
-Mio Akiyama
-Ritsu Tainaka
-Yui Hirasawa

(For Key)
Pinched Keychain @Amiami
-Azusa Nakano
-Chisato Ikeda
-Mio Akiyama
-Ritsu Tainaka
-Yui Hirasawa

If you want more option on girl, there a group from the Yuru Yuri.

YuruYuri 2nd Season -Pinched Keychain @Amiami
-Kyoko Toshinou
-Himawari Furutani
-Sakurako Ohmuro
-Chisato Ikeda
-Ayano Sugiura
-Chinatsu Yoshikawa
-Yui Funami
-Akari Akaza

You won't get to see their pantsu if you expecting that, since they're hanging around. But what I can said is that their Cuteness might / not improve your eyesight, which is another reason to grab them if you need someone to look after your keys.

If not, you can consider grabbing the Carabiner, which is another type of Keychain, though I forgot to grab one during my Walking Session at AFA.

The design on the Carabiner look so nice, and they can look after more than just 3 key. Plus you can hook it your pant or bag with/out the key too.

Hanging it as a Wall Decoration is also an option.

Another way is to hook in many different Keychain and use Carabiner to bind them before hooking them onto your Pant or Bag before going out.

That is another way to show off your keychain collection and how high your Otaku Level is.

Carabiner @Amiami

Sword Art Online

Cardfight!! Vanguard
-Reon Souryuu
-Ren Suzugamori
-Toshiki Kai
-Aichi Sendou

I must give my Praise and Thumbs up to COSPA, for having so many nice Anime goods, and I do like their item, which never fail to activate my Sparkly Eye.

Last item to close off the Anime Report would be the Japanese Fan; Sensu.

Sensu @Amiami
-Cat Eared Mio & Azusa
-Little Busters
-Chihaya Kisaragi
-Anzu Futaba
-Haruka & Miki & Iori

I got my own fan, which I tend to use it when the weather is hot. But I would prefer to use those nice Anime Sensu if I able to grab one with my Clean hands

I do know some would consider pasting them as decoration, which is also a nice Idea.

With so many nice Anime Goods which can be use or hang as Decoration, Any activated your Sparkly Eye?

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