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Mada's Figurines Report 12 December 2012

For a day, month and year having the same number which happen every 1000 years, today 12 / 12 / 12 mark the end of the number since there isn't a 13th month.

In anyway, there are just as many interesting Figurines being placed up even after the recent Figurines Report I did 2 days ago.

Still, those Figurines are still good to grab with and to think that this time there are just too many of them which I really want to grab with my Clean hands.

First off, the Third Figma for the Black Rock Shooter TV Animation is up for Pre-order after the Black Gold Saw wan't placed up too long ago.

Black Rock Shooter was released, and I did grab her along with the Nendoroid Mode.

Still, I might really go and grab the Figma Version for Dead Master, since they look just so cool.

Figma (TV Anime Ver) @Amiami

Figma (TV Anime Ver) @Good Smile Company

There is a Nendoroid Mode for Dead Master, which she look very cute indeed.

Also, it just a matter of time before Chariot and Strength decided to show up.

And it will also be another "Matter of Time" before I go and grab them too.

I had yet to fully touch on my Black Rock Shooter Tv Animation Figma, which I was kind of shocked that I forgotten about it.

Still I will be taking photo of her with along Miku, Luka and Saber Nendoroid. So far I been playing with BRS Nendoroid Version.

Well, she look so cute that even my imouto say that I should had grab her in the first place.

But for the Figma wise, Dead Master and the other look so cool, which I would no doubt say that they would look even better next to my BRS Figma.

Well, best time to Grab them with Clean hands is to pre-order them over first.

The favor character of Kirino is up in her Nendoroid, which she look so cute to grab with clean hands too.

Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru Nendoroid

I actually didn't expect that Good Smile Company going into the Anime of The Anime in the first place. Meruru is the anime in the world Ore no Imouto.

But the other thing is that she is so Kawaii and Moe, she might Magically help to improve your Eye-sight which is one good thing.

She got her Bunny accompany her, with her Magic Staff, which she can blast anyone off if not careful. She sure is Pink enough to be call very Kawaii.

Again, Sword Art Online still look the best, which is why it in my top list of Anime for this Year.

Reason being due to the Catchy opening Songs, Crossing Field by Lisa and the story plot.

Honestly saying, I did read the light novel first before Accel world and not knowing both were of same Creator.

This time, Couples Asuna and Kirito are out in their Nendoroid Mode, which both sure look very cute standing next to each other.

I didn't expect Kirito to have his Dead Eye Face Expression, and for Asuna, she got 2 Happy Face Expression. Interestingly, Asuna can be a Yandere Candidate, based from what I peeked into the story. Actually, the Special episodes for Sword Art Online had shown us interesting relationship between Asuna and Kirito, and Kirito seem to be afraid of Asuna when another girl is involve with him.

Sword Art Online Nendoroid @Amiami

Sword Art Online Nendoroid @Good Smile Company

Based off the latest Episodes, one can expect Kirito to be soon reunite with Asuna, and to think that the past few episodes, Kirito was with a few other girls.

I really wonder what will happen when Asuna found that out. Maybe their Daughter Yui will tell her about it. Well, I wonder if Good Smile Company will be having Yui Nendoroid at a later timing.

Thought the episodes may had ended, Saber in her Suit and Bike still linger in my mind.

Saber Zero Ver. Nendoroid
@Good Smile Company

Saber was well know for her Armor suit, but the Fate Zero version where she is in a black Suit might strangely suit her more than expected.

Reason being that she is a King and she know how to act like a male, but wearing that also made her look a bodyguard too. Well she is a Servant in that case too.

If I might say, she look like a cool boy if one never know about her gender, plus I actually wonder when did she got a bike License when there isn't one in her Era as a king.

Seem like Sena had joined the hunting party with Yozora.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Monster Hunter ver. @Amiami

The story shown that both fight each other more than going hunting for monster, but interestingly is I wonder how they can hurt each in the first place.

I had played Monster hunter myself, and I know we can hit each other, but can't do any damages at all. Well, I got my share of laugh when I was peeking at that Episodes.

Still, I must give my praise for having both Girl to wear the Monster Hunter Costume, which both look so cool and nice. Best be careful when near them, and if you only want to grab one, you can go for your favor characters, or choose between a Melee or Range.

Or you can just grab both of them and display them together, though you can expect them fighting each other too.

I almost forgot there another girl who seem able to drive a bike with license too.

Haruno Shiozaki @Amiami

I wonder if it a common trend where they can drive without license, but do note that it best and safe to go to a driving lesson before driving.

Anyway Haruno sure look happy biting down on tomato while siting on the bike. Also, you can choose to display the bike only if you want.

But I would prefer to have sit on the bike, since her School Uniform also look very cool on top of her biting tomato.

I wonder if she finish her groceries, and just taking a short break and biting on that tomato.

And finally this time I able to close off today Figurines Report with a Swimsuit Fan Service again.

Akari Akaza Swimsuit @Amiami

She sure look cute in her school swimsuit and her pink float. Don't forget that she got her ability of turning invisible, so don't go shouting when she suddenly disappear.

She is just too cute to grab with, even for a good girl and she sure look great to have, but what got me bit shocked is that she is standing in one leg, which I find commonly in most pose; easy to fell down.

Blu-tack would work great, since she is asking to be invited to the beach, even when now is the Winter Season. Singapore still warm despite the rain, so you can come over here for swimming. There also in-door pool at Japan which still good.

With so many nice Figurines around, do you have any that you want to grab with your Clean Hands, or waiting for Santa Miku to give you some?

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