Monday, December 31, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Report 31 December 2012

It going to be New Years, and to celebrate, we need to prepare some nice stuffs to wear, or have with. Plus it doesn't need to be too expensive too.

Some normal prices are worth more then expected, like some Necklaces.

Sword Art Online Pendant @Amimi
-Silica & Pina
-Kirito Breast Plate (Black)
-Kirito Breast Plate

There also Asuna and Kirito Rings for Couples by the same maker. But for the Loner me, Pendant is more than enough, which I can use as decoration on my Walls.

But due to new year, I need to remove down many things for Spring Cleaning, so my room actually look very very plain, and though the Otaku Room Level is still hanging due to my Bookshelf and Wardrobe. Only my bed is clear of cushions and my walls clear of posters. I need to clean all of them before hanging them back at later timing.

You may choose to wear it either way and show off to many people how much of a fan you're towards Sword Art Online. The season may have ended for now, but due to the story in novel, it just a matter of time before the next season coming up next year.

Though basic stuffs can be placed, and that including a small model Itasha.

Plastic Model 1/24 Itasha @Amiami
-No.29 Sword Art Online FD3S RX-7
-Sword Art Online Fairy Dance Ver. GRB Impreza WRX STI 5Door '07

For those who want a car, but either too poor to get one, no license to drive one, wish to have Itasha but unable too. No problem since you can look at the small Small Model Itasha which is very cheap, no need to pay extra cash like road tax, parking fee, petrol or COE in Singapore.

Not only are they very nice to be display at anywhere, they are also Itasha, which you will be happy to own one. How nice to own this 2 Itasha at around 2,000 Yen plus for each. Just that you can't drive them or place them on the road, but still they would be nice to place next to Nendoroid / Figma too.

If you're looking for other Series Itasha, then you need to look over at Amiami site for more.

And now we got a Itasha and a Pendant, and rings for some, we need a doll. Figurine Report will be up tomorrow, so just bear with me.

But hey, this doll won't disappoint you!

Guilty Crown: Inori Yuzuriha Complete Doll @Amiami

No matter how many times I try to look, the price of dolls sure are expensive, but I would love to grab one, maybe at a later timing next year, which I hopefully would be able too.

In anyway, Inori just look so nice and cute in her casual clothing, which is why she is good to go out with the Itasha, and let her wear the pendant. You can add in the Kirito / Asuna Rings if you like, but they might look like bracelet to this doll.

And the Face expression look so dreamy, which I loved to grab her with my clean hands, The ribbon string also look very appealing which she might used it to tie up someone if she want to.

If you want to draw the girls out instead of having the dolls, maybe you can peek at over Pixiv, or just draw it yourself.

Can't draw? Maybe you need some books as guideline first.

How to Draw Mini Moe Character - Face, Body Arc @Amiami

I got my own how to draw Manga for Dummies and Idiot's guide to drawing Manga, but I still very bad in drawing Manga myself, since my characters doesn't seem cute at all.

Maybe I need to grab this too. And hopefully my girls would look very pretty and Moe, which I can stare at them so many times to improve my Eyesight and Drawing Skills.

One day the girls might suddenly come out alive like the Manga "Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu", though I need to go to some shrine, pray hard and draw many nice traits for the girls I created. How nice it would be.

Back to Reality, which hurts me many many times, from what I peeked, do you got anything you wanna do for the New year?

Wishing all a Happy New Year~

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