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K (Anime)


Creators - GoRA


Directed by Shingo Suzuki
Music by Mikio Endo
Studio - GoHands
Claimed to have 13 Episodes (9 Episodes so far)

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Drawn by Yui Kuroe

K - Memory of Red
Published in Aria, Kodansha

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K - Stray Dog Story
Published in good! Afternoon, Kodansha

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Light Novels
Drawn by Shingo Suzuki
Published by Kodansha

Written by Hideyuki Furuhashi
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Written by Rei Rairaku
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Story started right off with the Red Clans known as Homra, led by Mikoto Suoh the Red King, going around to find the one who killed one of their friends, Tatara Totsuka.

The culprit is shown to be the new Colorless King but strangely, Yashiro Isana who is shown to be the same person wasn't aware of such things.

The blue King Reishi Munakata, leader of Scepter 4, had hold Mikoto and keep him in a Cells after the Red king give himself in. Few Reasons for that was so that the Scepter 4 will be busy looking after the Red Kings so that his own men can go look for the Colorless kings. Another is to show that he had lower his guard so that the Culprit who killed Tatara will appear before Mikoto.

But due to Homra leaking the footage of Tatara's death, Scepter 4 had taken action to know what truly happened, which Munakata being aware that the murder not only involve Mikoto and Yashiro.

The Sliver King, Adolf K. Weismann and Golden King Daikaku Kokujoji been hinted to be the one who planned the whole things up.

Interestingly due to Episode 9, Weismann is shown to have a power of youth as he didn't age one bit for half a century. Plus he is the first king who awaken his power before the other kings.

Another things is that the 7 Kings, each known with a color, are powerful person who can Summon their Aura as a form of a Giant Swords.

A bit of the powers can be given to their men, which shown that their Followers having abilities, but the color of their Aura shown which kings they serve.

The Red Homra is shown to be a group of Gangsters, The Blue Scepter 4 being the one who keep the peace like the Police.

The former Colorless King, Ichigen Miwa, got the power to see the future, but nothing much is known what he did, but he ordered his Vassal Kuroh Yatogami to kill the next Colorless king if he is evil.

Daikaku is in charge of Japan, as technology and government are all under him. It seem that he serve Weismann despite being the Golden King, and he is the only one closest to Weismann.

But due to personal reason, it seem that Weismann is the one behind the death of Tatara, and misled many other to think that Yashiro is the culprits.

Even Yashiro is unsure of what caused him to the targets. At first his memories was erased by Neko, his pet cat who got the ability to shift being her Cat and Human form, and able to make use of Illusion.

She can also manipulates with other people memories too. Interesting is that she tend to be naked as she in fact is a cat, which caused dismay to both Yashiro and Kuroh at first.

Also Kuroh decided to help out and follow Yashiro to determine with his own eyes if Yashiro is truly Evil. The footage leaked by Homra may showed Yashiro who killed Tatara, but there seem to be hint that he was framed as there might be another person who killed Tatara under Weismann's order.

Yashiro thought himself as a student at Ashinaka High School, but Neko was the one who done the Setting on manipulate Memories of Yashiro and the People on the Island.

If she leaves, their memories will be back to normal and forgot who is Yashiro. Neko like to be with Yashiro, and funny thing now Yashiro got another "Dog" since Kuroh is also known as the Black Hound.

But even so, the 3 of them are being hunted by many other, including Homra and Scepter 4. But Yashiro is keen in knowing the truth behind the whole incidents. But somehow the whole things seem to be under the plan of Weismann.

The fights in the anime tend to be quick and short, but the intense of it are sure shown very nicely.

Even I like the back ground music at some parts, which add some tension to the anime. And the OP/ED is very catchy and nice. I like how they mix Japan and English to the lyric.

Another interesting fact is that the title [K] got many meanings, in which almost all the title of each Episodes are started with "K" expect for one, which include a "K" to the title instead. At first I mistaken the K for Kings, as based off the 7 Kings. I also mistaken thought the Title as Double K, which the first thing come to my mind was K.K. Hospital where I was born.

In anyway, This anime was loved and liked by many when I went to AFA this year, and too bad I wasn't able to grab any of it Anime Goods as most of it were sold out.

As far as I peeked, do you want to serve under one of the 7 Kings and gain special ability in [K]? 

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