Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods on K-On!! Mobile Pouch

Just when I posted those nice K-On Mobile Pouch, turned out that one of my friends who visited me yesterday got one!

Of course I just had to ask and check out how it is and why one must go grab one for using.

If you're want to grab them, you can check out Cospa or Amiami or any other sites, depending on which one you want to collect those points.

Anyway, the size of the pouch is less expected for me, which If I want to use this, I need to take off my Neko iphone casing since it got an anti-slipping ability.

Surely I don't want my Iphone to fall, but this mobile pouch might be what I been looking for to place my phone.

The materials is not back, since it got bit of water-proof to prevent water from molesting your phone.

And the top cover which secure your phone was another thing I didn't expected. I was thinking it was those paste and secure straps, but the magnet type isn't a bad choice.

Another thing is that for a normal Iphone 4, it just right plus there another rubber straps inside the pouch which is to secure the phone from running off.

I had tried putting my Black Rock Shooter Wallet inside, but the pouch can't support it. So need to go look for another phone size wallet since this pouch can support about 2 phone.

Of course if the phone is thin like the Iphone / Samsung. You can also place some cards inside too, and as I mentioned before, no coins since the side end got holes.

If there isn't then this pouch would be more prefect as a normal coin pouch too. Well, this is a mobile pouch..

I might get the Yui one since she is so cute~

Oh! I also forgot that the 2 side of the mobile pouch is somehow stretchable, but not too much else the pouch will break. Unless you don't mind the price of 1,260 Yen each which is cheap for normal usage.

If for collecting, then that another issue.

Still, they got the metal hook which you can either hang on the wall if you want to use it as a decoration or on your pants to place your phone.

Either way, you can hang it on the wall or anywhere when not in use, and take it off when you going out for walking Session.

Normally I placed my phone in my Bag with Black Rock Shooter Wallets, but there are some time where I don't want to bring my bags for walking session too.

For Example if I want to go for a short Walking / Peeking trips, I will just need my Wallet and phone. But I don't like to place my phone on my pocket, so I can just grab this pouch and put my Phone inside.

At least those K-On girls can help to keep an eye on my iphone which can ease my mind. But don't expect them to play some songs or music for you since they aren't holding on to any Musical Instruments.

If you wanna grab, peek or have them, just click on below to check them out.

K-On!! Mobile Pouch @Amiami
-Azusa Nakano
-Mio Akiyama
-Ritsu Tainaka
-Tsumugi Kotobuki
-Yui Hirasawa

K-On!! Mobile Pouch @Cospa
-Azusa Nakano
-Mio Akiyama
-Ritsu Tainaka
-Tsumugi Kotobuki
-Yui Hirasawa

So, do you own one or you wanna grab one?

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