Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 4 December 2012

Wonder if it was my Imouto saying of Nendoroid more cuter or what that I been staring at my Vocaloid Nendoroid Petiti a lot.

So let peek at some cute girls for now.

Miku Hatsune Mikudayo @Amiami

This look a lot more fatter and more alike of the Original Mikudayo, but if you can't grab this, she still have her Nendoroid Mode, which got more action and more cheaper.

They are both from Good Smile Company so it still good too.

Interestingly, Mikudayo was created because the original Costume in one events showing the cosplay was too fat to be Miku, and so Mikudayo been created and now it still hot for many fans.

Well, the fact despite her being fat is not a problem but she got her cute appeal. I would also wonder if the original Miku eat too much and will become like this someday, and she is holding on to a Lolipop instead of Leek.

If you want to have more cute little girl instead, then go for the Petite type.

Nendoroid Petite - IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Stage 01 BOX @Amiami

This just stage 1, so more will come at a later timing, but since I got my own Vocaloid Nendoroid Petiti, I come to be aware that they are more cuter than I expected, though fixing them up and placing them on Base stand was the only problem I come across.

But overall, their Chibi and Kawaii Mode is the appealing part of being a Nendoroid Petite. They are sure a handful enough too.

Want to go for Figma instead, this Magical School girl is here with her bat.

Sayaka Miki School Uniform ver. @Amiami

Seem like Miki is joining Mami in the School Uniform series for the Madoka girl group, which I did mentioned that it just a matter of time for the other girl to appear.

They do need to dress their uniform before coming out. But interesting part is that Miki is going to the Softball / Baseball club.

If not I have no idea why she is holding on to her bat, unless you're going to tell me that she going to swing her bat to beat up bad guys.

Well, even if she doesn't transform, getting hit by a bat still hurt.

Another group of Magical Girls also making their way with their Magical Circle Base Stand.

Nendoroid @Amiami
-Nanoha Takamachi Excellion Mode
-Fate Testarossa Blaze Form

What got me Sparkly Eye are their Weapons form and the Base stand, which show that both girls are ready to strike down anyone.

No worry if you want both to show their Fierce Face Expression when attacking, and I sure doesn't want to be hit by them if they are showing a happy expression.

You can pose them in standby mode and showing a happy expression but don't expect them to be floating or flying around. They will still drop due to Gravity.

If you going to grab one, then that will depend on who you wanna invited to your room, but both look so cute that one won't expect them to be Magical Girl if they was to appear in front of me.

But another group of girl might not give me that impression though.

Atelier Series @Amiami

Considering that they are holding their wand or staff around, you can expect their Magic to be real, but not knowing that their Magic is more based on Alchemy.

I do find the Art and Girl in the game to be very nice, just that the game I wasn't able to get the gist of it. Still those girls sure pose very nicely and their colorful appearance is what made them appealing.

By far I from what I peeked, their costume is very bright in color and due to their cuteness, thaat is why I would say that they wouldn't give me the impression that they are Magical Girls. But still they are very powerful Magic Wielders

Well, enough of Magical girls for now, and though this week I doesn't end with Swimsuit Fan Service, there are some girls who show another type of Fan Service.

Mayo Chiki! @Amiami
-Masamune Usami
-Kanade Suzutsuki

At first I though Kanade Butler, Subaru will be joining her, but instead the Bunny is next in the lists. Well she is from the same school too.

For a start, her Fan Service pose is very appealing enough, though it might improve my eyesight, I might get a nosebleed instead.

Just peeking at them do made me want to repeek at the Anime again, and there also Light Novel too. Well, Usami is showing a very interesting Face expression for this pose but the shoes she wearing is what got me wondering since I mistook it for socks instead.

She still got her own appeal even when her Oppai size lost to Kanade.

As far as I peeked, any Cute, Magical or School girls that you wanna date with?

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