Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 9 December 2012

For unknown reason this month is moving very fast that I not enjoying much, and I really want to shout to the point of having some beam coming out of my mouth.

Good thing there a camera Apps call Otaku Camera, which help me to have that dream come true.

As much as I had been biting around on some tasty food and peeking on Anime and Manga as usual, this time I changing my usual Night Exercising to Afternoon with my dad, which might be a reason why I didn't get to enjoy my afternoon much.

The result of exercising turn out good, except that my Dad is having body muscle cramp. Well, I did warned him about over-exercising.

Like I say, one must take good care of one health, and though exercising is very good, there are cases of death in over exercising, which is mostly common on Singapore New shown by Mindef, where some serviceman die from running too much.

I know Anime and Manga taught us that pushing one limit is best, but that will be no point if you got a sudden / unexpected Heart Attack.

For me, I got inherit my Family High Blood Pressure, which is very dangerous as it will cause the Heart Muscle to pump too much and hardening the muscle. Some body muscle are best not to be harden, cos if the heart muscle did harden, it will not be able to pump blood, and that gone one life.

And I'm sure many would say "YOLO", which is very true that you only live once.

If you're a Cat with 9 Lives, then that is different issue, but I can't risk having a Heart Attack or Stroke happening to me. Maybe when I get older, I'll be probe to them.

Which is why Diet, or eating healthy is one way, though I tend to cook instant noodles cos it easier to cook and still can be tasty as a normal meal. But I do get out to buy Packing food, or buy ingredient to cook.

I wish I can cook very well like Kuroh from the Anime [K], despite being a very strong Swordsman. Interestingly, there be noted that he look alike to Kanda Yu from D.Gray Man though the latter choose to only eat Soba and haven't seen him cooking.

Well, I do like eating Soba, and the first noodle Bite when I was over at Japan, was Cold Soba which I bought from Family Mart.

The first bite was a cultural shock to me cos the one I bite in Singapore wasn't anywhere near there. Also I also have my friend teaching me the right way to eat Soba, which might explain why.

I did mentioned somewhere that I was into Japan when I was over at Polytechnic Life. And only slowly to start collecting Manga / Anime and Figurines.

And talking about Figurines, here this Week Report on Figurines and Anime Goods.

Just right after I post on some stuffs on the Anime Goods, I got a friend who visit me and go showing me one of the item, which I just had to check it out and posting it.

Well, maybe I wasn't expecting him to take his Mobile pouch like how Shiro expecting Neko to be a Naked girl when they first met.

Nor I expecting Miku Dayo Nendoroid to be a little less than half the size of the Figurine Scale. Well, both still cute to grab with clean hands. Though I need to go out for some Walking Peeking Session, which I wonder why the morning weather is so cool with the Rain. Made me don't wanna to wake up until I notice my window is wide open.

So how you going to enjoy this nice December?

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