Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 2 December 2012

End of the year is nearing, with the Christmas reaching, so It really a smoothing normal year, even for someone like me who is considered as a Neet and Hikikomori.

Well, the past days, I was on busy but now I free and looking forwards to a New Year.

Hopefully I get to enjoy a bit longer though, which I will be back to posting, since there are so many interesting Anime and Manga to share.

There were some Manga which ended, even when the story are so interesting and many possible plots. But as long there are also new interesting Manga released, then I also fine with it as long they are interesting.

Well, I not going to talk too much on what I been up too, expect some Walking Session, so let sum it up on what I posting for past 2 weeks.

A little Walk

Figurines / Anime Goods


I did grabbed a few stuffs, including today when I bought 2 pair of shoes for Future Walking Sessions, and some Manga to peek in between Travelling Trips.

Also I will be sticking to using Flickr to upload more photo in future, though the problem is that I need to individually copy and paste those photo link in order to load them.

Well, there was a limit to the current I using under Google, but Flickr turned out not bad too, though there is some limit which if there are more photo to share, I will just upload them in my Facebook instead.

I did some changes to this blog, and maybe more as time go by, but as for now, maybe time to back to more Anime Peeking.

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