Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some "NEET" Stuffs to grab

If you want to show that your a NEET to many others, then you might be interested in what I going to recommend today.

Come across them when peeking at Twitter before going into Jbox on those interesting stuffs.

Anzu Futaba "Work is for Losers" Tape ~ IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls @JBOX

Ok, this might offend many people who are working, but even so, this is to prove the Neet Level of those who are not working.

The tape look so nice to grab that it can be used on almost anyway, where or even when. Even using this tape on your Hiding Room Door to let people know that you're a Neet.

But what got me wondering was why it was IdolM@ster Tape, and to top it off as Neet Tape too.

Also, the tape can be use like those Police Tape, which the tape can be your Territory Marking, and you might grab this Sign to prove that Security is in place too.

Security by NEET sticker ~ Jitaku Keibiin Sticker @JBOX

The words can also mean Security by Forever Alone Otaku, and the site did claimed that they are best for Hikikomori Friends.

But Neets and Otaku Friends can also grab them to use, since it to prove that Security is in place.

Maybe Thefts, Robber and Burglar will think twice about enter into the place. And even if they did turn up, you can use the Neet Tape to tie them up when you caught them, and turning them into Mummy.

Another thing to note that you will need a bag to store all your important stuffs, like Hammer to knock those bad guys, or tape to tie them up later.

NEET Home Security System Messenger Bag - Red @JBOX

You can also put your Figurines or Manga inside when you go out for Walking Session, and many people will wonder weather you are on Patrol or just walking around.

Make sure your uniform suit well with your bag to have the Passerby Staring at you.

The bags itself can caught the attention of many Peekers, and the red color of the bag is very catchy to the eye. Maybe you need a few of the Security Sticker inside the bag just in case some places need your security.

All those item actually can be used by all type of people, not just Neets only. As far as I peeked, do you want to grab them to increase your NEET Level?

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