Saturday, December 22, 2012

Peeking at Megurine Luka Nendoroid

The third Nendoroid in my Room would be Megurine Luka, since she is one of my favor vocaloid in my list.

And this one got her pet accompanying her, and same as Miku, Black rock Shooter befriends with her very fast.

One thing to note for this Luka Nendoroid is that there is very little Spare parts, which show that Luka got very little poses.

But even so, just her normal standing is very appealing too, and maybe letting her pet climbing up to her head. That would look very nice indeed.

But with little spare parts, I might bring along Miku or Luka for Walking Sessions, not that I don't want to bring Black Rock Shooter, just that I need to bring her spare parts is something which can cause a headaches if one spare parts just got lost.

And interestingly, Luka got her Sparkly Eye Face Expression, which just might be the more reason on why I would be bringing her along for Walking Session.

I do occasionally play with the Figma Version of Luka, but I never though of bringing her along. Even so the figma got many different poses to play with. Well, wonder was if it was due to my Imouto saying that those Nendoroid are just so Moe and Kawaii.

And I been peeking at Nendoroid more and more, even when I peeked for this week Figurines Report. Good Smile Company should know how to make those little cute Nendoroid.

Well, let take a short peek of Photo of Luka Nendoroid then.

Luka N3

They become friends just so fast, and they do look cute together... Just a matter of time for my Peeking Sparkly Eye to improve on it Eyesight.

Luka N4

Luka N5

Luka N6

Luka N7

Luka N8

Luka N9

Luka N10

Luka N11

Her little pink pet, and it seem like she like to climb to the top of many other Nendoroids' Heads.

Luka N12

Luka N13

Luka N14

Luka N15

Luka N16



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