Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Biting up some Food 6

Cooking Curry is easy for me, but that only Apply for Vegetarian Japanese Curry, since I only cook Potato and Carrot till it soft and then adding in the Curry Mix.

But for Meat wise, preparation is more of a headaches, like ensuring the Onion keep it nice taste but not it smell and ensuring the Meat got no bone and still taste good in the Curry.

Of course I cook for about 3-4 person servings, and the curry can mix in well with Ramen, Udon or even Spaghetti.

But I'm many go for the normal common and yet Tasty Rice.

Some add in many different ingredient to the curry, but I tend go for the less, and easy to prepare and cook Curry.

Even peeling the ingredients and slicing and dicing them into Biting Size isn't easy since I not that good with Knife.

And One Onion is more than enough this time, unless you got a Onion Lover in the guest list.

I normally let the Potato and Carrot boil in hot water till they are very soft, since it will easier for the one who eating them. Plus I like the soft melting of the food too.

Onion need to to be cook down and wash, and first thing is to stir-fry them in some molten butter first. I don't go for Oil unless I got no butter to spare.

Frying Onion still they nicely and near Golden Brown before adding in the Meat, and this time I using Chicken Breast and Leg Meat.

Of course I had to wash and cut them into small dice, so that they can be cook easily and for biting.

To know when the potato and carrot are soft, use a chopstick and poke them. If they break easily; then they are ready, else you might want to cook them a bit longer in the boiling water.

After cooking the Onion and Meat till they are cooked, add in water first before adding the cooked Potato and Carrot.

And the best part now is to break the Curry Mix and adding them in to the Water. But make sure you wear a glove or something, cos the curry mix tend to leave a bit strain on your hand.

Another thing is to ensure that the curry mix in well since they are of solid mixture. So I need to use a chopstick to mix and cook the curry.

And this time I using a Middle Spicy only, but I always go for Mild taste since my family don't go for spicy one. Sometime I eat Spicy Curry to test my limit.

I used to love Curry very much but having to stop on the intake after my Stomach was not feeling well. And after I was able to eat Curry again, I wasn't able to keep up with the Spiciness of it.

Also, I slowly loved the Japanese Curry though I like the India style Chicken Curry and the Chinese style Vegetable Curry.

Some I would eat them with either Roti Pasta or Rice, but that depend on what I felt like eating. Cos they tend to be oily, I only eat them one in a while.

As for me, I don't really use oil when I cooking my own curry.

Overall the Curry Rice turn out good, and my friend love it. Maybe next time I can invite some more people to come and be my Guinea Pig  Guest for my Tasty Curry.

So, do you like to have a taste out of my Curry too?

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