Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dragon's Dogma

Doragonzu Doguma
Dragon's Dogma

Developed by Capcom
Directed by Hideaki Itsuno

Console - PS3 / Xbox360
[Action Role-playing]
[Hack & Slash]

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When a game of open world, action, role-playing, hack and slash, with a big mix of horror; this game just add a new twist to Action Role-playing, which caught my sparkling game in next to Atelier Meruru.

The hero can be customize in gender, looks and jobs class, which give a feel of MMORPG style, since it also an open-world style, so there will be a lot of training around and about. And there are many monsters which also give Experiences point etc. I do like the way this game come out as Console game instead of PC.

Though there a lack of multi-players style, the single player itself was given a high rate point in most game site, and even I am amazed at just how nice the monster themselves are.

And since we are going to kill monsters, this game style is something similar to Monster Hunter. But there addition twist to it, like "climbing" on the monsters or carry one small monster and throw them etc.

Some monsters are say to have "weak points", so need to attack those points, otherwise the monster not going down. Which prove; they aren't easy to kill without a fight. Another thing to note down here is that the way the monsters are detailed, and being a hack and slash game, this game really earn the "Survival Horror" Genre to it.

This game also give a party system call pawn, where you can have some NPCs with A.I. to help you fight the monsters too.

And like a normal MMORPG, the surrounding monsters do attack even if there are a boss when you fighting, and they are not just Scary looking only too.

As based on Wikipedia information, this game did draw in many comparisons to other Capcom game like Monster Hunter and Resident Evil; making this game receiving many positive remarks.

There is also something call Quest down here, and it been say that even a not too skilled player can easily play this game too, which is a good thing since this way, items/moneys can be also easily gain more when fighting more monsters, even if you're not confident to fight it.

There is something call Day and Night down in this game. Giving a bit of real time appeal in addition with many different NPCs, making this one of those "Big" game.

But there is one thing I noted, is the way the hero/heroine climbing on the monsters (in some parts) seem a bit off/fake.

For now, are you confident enough to step up against the horror monsters, and survive in the world of Dragon's Dogma?
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