Monday, May 7, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report 07/05/2012

Frankly saying, I personally had to admit that I run out of idea of getting good title for my figurine report, so I going to follow my "Sunday Report".

Since it easier for me to use, even in future. The date wise have no really meaning to it to be exact, but I do not like to use 1.2.3 or versions, since I will be inputting a lot of stuffs, so this will have to do.

As for now, let peek into some figurine, which I want to do some simple little review on.

As Mr Storm Trooper No. 8888; Danny Choo had showcase to many Dark Seekers, The Black Rock Shooter in White Mode is set to be on flight on somewhere this year winter.

Post @Danny Choo
Info @Mediocmtoy

Based on the info, this RAH (Real Action hero) is a real hit on the mark for Black Black Shooter (WM), though you can see the line point of action in the joint, but what make it unique is due to that the clothing is not any simple clothing.

Unlike the original White Rock Shooter (@Amiami), which make it game display as the final Boss.

This White Mode is an total shocking different, due to the weapon and the black flame on it left eye.

Instead of using it normal Katana, it had decided to use a Battle Axe, by creator Huke.

But it kind of hard to grab it since it is at 20,000 Yen (@Zozo), but it would make a very good display next to your bed, or in front of you when using your computer.

Or even next to your own Figurine like what Mr Storm Trooper No. 8888; Danny Choo want to, since they are of the same height and size, and just right - Opposite Gender.

Although the prize is around of 4 Black Rock Shooter Hoody (@AmiAmi), I think one can consider getting this hoody, and be a proud wearer to grab the hoody and imagine oneself as Black Rock Shooter in Hoody Mode.

Maybe another add on would be Racing Miku in Nedroid Mode. (@Danny Choo).
The cuteness of the this newly Nedroid mode of Racing Miku can cause one to faint due to many many reasons; my case was extreme Nosebleed and High-Blood Pressure.

I need to take care of my health indeed, but this cuteness can even soothe anyone soul, and maybe some Moe point.

Another point of it is that since it racing, so of course it come with a cute little car for Miku to race on, but do ensure it do not race on your house floor or risk it getting step on.

Though the ranking on the Alisa of Soul Eater was first when I first posted it (@Nagakun), due to all the upcoming figurine on stock, more are getting on the first spot as fast as possible.

I was having some nightmare, and was thinking if there was anything to ensure I got sweet dream, I never thought there would be a ghost from Touhou Project could be doing it trick. (@Amiami)

If any Night Walkers would like to take a breeze walking session at night and want a companion, she would be very grateful if any one would invite her too.

I'm sure that she will ensure the walk will be a nice cold little walking session at the middle of the night. (*w* ;;)

Rias Gremory from High School DxD (@Amiami) had it place next to Yuyuko, which was no surprist, At first.....

To why I say that was because I later then notice that it was due to following it original anime; stripping.

Yes, her uniform can be remove on some part only, so it depend on those who want to place it fully or partly dress when showcasing.

But if you ask me, I will ensure it will be fully dressed, place at the top of some where in my room, and I peek at the bottom, and maybe get an extreme nosebleed.

Though I say many figurine was down on their ranking, there are different type of figurine, and so far I yet to see one down for this Mr Red Hero.

This somehow just catch my sparkle eye for no reason figurine is still standing strong on it own, and for any Hero Fan, this Mr Red would make no doubt a good play action. (@Amiami)

I seem this hero on a magazine while on peeking book session at Kinokuniya, and was thinking what kind of super hero or power ranger. I do noted that it was ranked 1st in it action figurine for a while too.

Together with Ms Yellow and Mr Blue, this complete set sure make many Justice seeker to ask them for help when in time of need.

As for now, I think many are seeking Black Rock Shooter in White Mode since she can kick and defeat anyone, from what I see.
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