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Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka?

Alt Names:-
Is This a Zombie?
Koreha Zonbi desuka?

Created by Shinichi Kimura
Illustrated by Kobuichi, Muririn
Published by Fuijimi Shobo

Light Novel - Volume 1 - 10 [Ongoing]

Manga - Volume 1 - 4 [Ongoing]
-Drawn by Sacchi

Directed by Takaomi Kanasaki
Plot by Makoto Uezu
Music - Shinji Kakijima
Studio in Studio Deen

Season 1 - Episode 1 - 12 + OVA
Season 2 ["of the dead'] - Episode 1 - 6 [still on flight]

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First thing when we heard of the words "Zombie", the walking dead corpse come to mind first.

In some cases, they are very infectious who damn the living and they are very weak, and strong depending on the plot they are in

This story started with Ayumu Aikawa, a "seemly" Normal high school boy who wish to live as normal and always speak to 'Gaia'.

His life is already twisted when he first meet Eucliwood Hellscythe, a Necromancer who resurrect Ayumu into a Zombie, after the latter was killed in a serial murder.

As far as I followed this Series, there are a few Major twist in all 3 of the series, despite having the Light Novel being the original, and was recognized in Fujimi Shobo for long running novels.

Even so, this story never fail to crack any joke, in any of the story, and it seemly continue it as a running Gag.

I'm not going to summarized any things down here, but only to point out a few key pointers, as not to influence anything much.

This story was created as Light Novel, followed by a Manga Series a year later, and Anime later on another year, which made this a popular story very fast.

All plot are around the same, but thing to know down here is that Ayumu is a powerful zombie.

In Manga, Ayumu defeated the first monster, but Anime shown Haruna defeated it first, and the first key pointer which indicated how much different from it was originally created in the Light Novel.

Ayumu is actually an unique Zombie, as he was resurrected by Eucliwood ("Eu"), so he got many abilities despite having side-effect which can be overcome.

Due to being a Zombie, he can actually defeat a monster using his own pure strength with out transforming into a Maso-Shojo.

All due to his body able to withstand the pain, but he is still able to feel the pain, and still having the mindset, feeling and emotion of a normal human being.

There are some part of the story which I find it bit of cruel, and some are gross, but overall they are still good.

There are many other interesting thing to note is how Ayumu gotten the affection from the few main heroines, and being one of them fallen in love at first sight, At - His - Butt. Though there is one who become his wife due to her custom after an kiss in an accident.

I am also amazed at how the creator able to make the bad guy like King of the Night being a guy who stray from his path.

Even I consider Kyoko and Chris being the victims more than being the bad Maso-shojo girls.

As based from the main story in the Light Novel, Kyoko does love Ayumu despite being his killer, and Chris was punished in place of Ariel by their Queen, Lilia Lilith.

Yes, the very same Ariel who was first introduced as Haruna's teacher, who was said to reform after her failed plan to overthrow the queen.

Kind of bad of me, but I'd think of the Queen and Ariel as some old hag for making innocent girl look and introduce as the bad girl, but bit of different due to their different cases.

This story never fail to introduce a Vampire, with a mix of ninja to the taste. And kind of understanding on how why Mael Storm fallen in love with Ayumu. Another thing to note, other than Sera in one case, I never see Vampire drinking blood, but eating normal meal instead.

As far as I see, they did introduced 3 main Vampire Ninja, 3 main Maso-Shojo, and 3 main resident from the underworld.

Which overall made me wondering if the creator take "3" to the extreme.

There are other of the same type which I mentioned, like the head of the Vampire, who will never stop throwing up blood.

Another thing which never failed to make me fall my Jaw is the chainsaw called Mystletainn.

The weapon which transform Haruna and Ayumu into pretty girls is the only thing which make other think the kick is from the user, but in fact, the blade on it is the actually the leg.

As seen in the picture, it is how Mystletainn really stand, so when receiving a kick from Ayumu or Haruna is a Must-dodge no matter what, since Mystletainn is the one who kicking.

They did call it the 'Mystletainn Kick', which pretty sum it all up. And when Ayumu charge his power to 1000%, he become more cuter in appearance due to the dress.

But there is once, based in the anime, that Ayumu really kick using his own leg in order to destroy a big 'Weak and defeated' Whale.

But no matter what, I believe on one thing is that Words are very powerful too, as proven by Eu, as she can resurrect or kill anyone when she speak.

Another interesting thing to note in the anime, is that Eu is so far the only character with many Voice actress voicing her.

And due to the Moe and Kawaii around it, I can't stop repeating the same part like a crazy pervert, since they are very healthy to the ear.

For season 2, there is a part after the credit where some of the 'imagined by Ayumu' Eu speak together with the Original Eu, voiced by Midori Tsukimiya.

The anime season is based with the story on first bad guy call King of the Night, a zombie who was resurrect by Eu, many year ago.

The latter is based on the 'Bad girl' Chris, but since the anime is not yet going anywhere there yet, I not going to comment on it, although it heading towards that direction.

As based on the latest Episode, it seem like Chris is going towards the 'bad girl' point, although it seem very cute to see her drunk.

My praise to the one who voice her! ('Hitomi Nabatame', oh my god...)

They did choose 'cute voice' for this anime, with around the same style of the opening theme for both Seasons, but I do like how the music mix in.

As for the manga, although not much is translate on-line, reading it for a short leisure is okay, since the cute expression is very healthy to the eye too.

Though it also recommend to watch the anime since it got both eye and ear healthy benefits.

So, have you peek into the unknown Gaia of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?
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