Friday, May 25, 2012

Atelier Meruru

Meruru no Atorie: Ārando no Renkinjutsushi 3

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland
Developed by Gust
Series - Atelier
Console - PS3 (Role-Playing)

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As mentioned in yesterday peeking, I only noticed that this game was on the shelf on a store, although the game was released on 23 June 2011 last year, the English version was only released about this year, in which this series scored the highest among it 3 parts story, based on Famitsu Magazine.

I do like the music they used down in this game, while currently, I playing Ar Tonelico, but this game give a bit of different feel based on the game trailer.

The game itself give a feel of 2D with 3D, and the art of the background is what that make me wondering whether it 2D or 3D.

They did a good jobs in the art wise of the game. And there are returning characters, since this is part 3 of the whole series of Atelier "Arland".

This time the heroine is the princess Meruru, though she will be joining up with the previous 2 series heronines; Totori and Rorona.

Like the Tales series, the characters can run about in towns, but what make me amazed is that the hard work they put up to make sure the way the character is running is a "normal" way.

It really look very natural, and the "cartoon" style make it really stand out a lot; I do like this type of game where the graphic is very cute and nice.

Battle wise; not bad, despite being a turn-based type. It is also shown that even during one character turn, the other characters can team up and do a combination combo hit to the enemies.

And the battle art is same way of outrageous like any other games; the enemies can also do the same.

But another thing to note down here is that they do have a little "conversation" in between their fight, and some "chat" which happen just above their state.

But what I truly amazed is on the item Meruru used to fight, from a summoning jar to a cannon. Pretty same as Totori and Rorona.

I won't want to see what they going to grab from their little bags. But it a game to play with, just to see how each item can work.

The characters' voice itself is also very healthy to the ear too, in additional the nice soothing music.

With this being the final series in the Arland part of Atelier, it seem like they make it a good game to close the arc.

I do want to play back the first 2 series too.

Have you decided to peek into the Alchemist world of Arland in Atelier Meruru?

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