Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Preparation for Driving Test

I'm Short-Sighted
Currently, I been reading on some other book like Kampfer Light Novels and some Courses notes.

But what make me more headaches and worry is the Final Theory Test before I can take my Driving Practical Test.

It is very nearing to the day of the test, and I having Nightmare about failing it! I wonder how Danny Choo is doing for his Singlish though. (@Danny choo)

I even got myself some tea to help me on my studying, which been a weird habit of mine since young.

I do pull a late night in order to study, but good thing for me is that the test I booked is near late night, so I can peek a little into the Cheating Book which I bought.

I also did a little peeking, and was informed that Sugar help a bit when studying, and during the test. Thus I won't go for Brand's, since both my sister and I would fall immediately asleep after a few sip.

But strangely, I stay awake and fine when sipping a beer/wine though. Still, I banned myself from drinking for now, until I passed the drinking test, but I'll not going to be crazy to go and drive right after drinking; can't risk myself in danger.

I not a very good in studying, nor in my test result most of the time, but I do like to read and peek a little when I find it interesting, but for driving test, it different for both the written test and practical.

Written test, is remembering the theory and let it be a reminder or habit before the practical, and though I confident to take the written, I still unable to score the passing point of 45/50.

Practical wise, so far my instructors had point out No Major Incidents yet, Minor wise still okay. (=x= |")

As far as thing go, it still best to relax, and continue to keep calm and cool, as they are what help one go though hard tests, though Time is the enemy when taking a test.

I remembered I did an interview with a time-limit, but that was some time ago though. Well, best for me to go back and peek back into the Cheating book for now.

Good day!
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