Friday, April 5, 2013

Night Orchard Walking Session

Got out of house late to the near night to Orchard with my Imouto to bite on some tasty Ramen, and some stuffs with our clean hands.

Of course we did grab a few nice stuffs, but the main point was to go to Kinokuniya for some books peeking. Well, there were one of the light novel, which I peeked, released.

Well, we do need to peek around some places, and stare blankly at some of the stuffs, so we took some times in those shop, which later led to a rush to Plaza Singapura from Ngee Ann City just to grab Xiong Mao's tasty bite.

Well, we did reserve the stuffs there and there isn't any food left for him to bite on. Luckily for us, we were able to make it and grab them before they close shop.

Well, Orchard Road Shopping Mall tend to close from 9:30 Pm which would be lesser Peekers and Walkers. And those employers / employees do need to go back home and take some rest and nap.

There are many who stay in Orchard to walk, peek and or bite. But since it late, of course my Imouto and I need to go back home.

At first I thought the walking session was going to be a short one, but it turned out be to more like a long Peeking Session instead.

Strangely, even though it a late night short walking and peeking session, I can actually get very tired easily, and getting dozed off when in the middle of travel via bus.

I still want to peek on some Manga and Anime myself, but I might as well take an early nap, since I am very sleepy, but at the least I still able to do one quick blog post before napping.

As for now, time to nap.
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