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OZ (Manga)


Creator - Iwai Kyohei


Drawn by Tokiya Seigo
Published in Comic Alive (Media Factory)
6 Volumes [Completed]

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Peeked into this book myself, and even though the book been completed at 6 Volumes, I still only got 5 of them in my procession, which I waiting for the last one in line.

I do know that there is a Japanese Version, but the most understandable language would be the Chinese for me, and so I have to wait instead.

Not bad for the story plot, which can be unpredictable for the twist and plot and how the story is heading. I peeking into other works of the one who draw this Manga.

But since I yet to share this story, so let just peek into them firsthand.

Story plot start with a new system which can be similar to Sword Art Online, but having people sleeping in a special type of Bed; Sensory Simulation Capsule, which will bring the one who sleeping to another World call Gaia.

Here they don't felt pain, had any war and still living as if they are at the real world. They also can eat and drinks like normal, in which the "Bed" will provide the nutrient to the original body.

With all that say, the story start with Oono Yuuri when he come across a strange cards, with different menus and currency from the original cards they normally used in Gaia.

And though he get hit by a car just to go and grab it, he had shown the truth part where he doesn't felt pain, and able to get back as per normal when it seem like his body were twisted in strange way.

He later come across a girl who look too mature of her age, and he went and get some food for her but at the part where he had to register into the new strange card he gotten on.

But registering the card isn't all it take to have the start. It give the user back the feeling of pain, and to take part in a game where they had to fight it out with other strange card user.

Strangely, a girl appear to help him out and wanted her card back, which originally she threw out in order not to have any links with it.

But that fate of twist get them into the fight of the strange cards user which sadly, the other human are either the puppet, or get in the way. It also seem that when those strange cards user kill another normal human, they will felt the pain as per normal, even when they are in Gaia where pain shouldn't be existed.

And when their Gaia avatar just killed off, their original body will felt as if they are dead, even when the body seem to be alive.

Oz is the name of the game, which is the same of the Manga title, and those who own the strange cards are call OZ users. And they had special powers which they need a lot of money in order to use it.

Yuuri wasted one of the skills slot with a teleportation skill call "Silver Shoe" which is the cheapest of all the skills known in OZ. And strangely being the most useless skills.

Also, the original cards user, Dorothy decided to help Yuuri survive for the next 2 weeks in order to wait for the card expiration date so Yuuri will no longer be part of the game.

But there is one thing; when the new of a new program at the cost of the 10 Geo, which is the currency needed to play the game, is revealed, the other Oz Users started their mission to hunt down Yuuri.

What they didn't know was that Dorothy was the only girl who live and grow in Gaia, and that she is able to do hacking in Gaia, doing many different thing in order to save both her and Yuuri.

In order not to reveal Yuuri's identity, Dorothy created a suit from program so Yuuri can either flee or fight. But it would seem that Yuuri is able to fight and what both of them didn't know, or was surprise is that the weakest program can be combo in order to have the best effect.

Using the Slivers Shoe many time at one shot will let Yuuri teleport at a longer distance, though the cost of using it non-stop can be a burden too.

Yet he was able to use it to defeat one other Oz user himself. Another interesting fact about the Oz game is the cards user had a card design of Girl, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow. And there one of the creator which is called the "Witch".

The strange girl Dorothy is also the name from the original Oz. Though Yuuri is the one who holding the current cards to fight. As story go on, Yuuri learned more from Dorothy and about her origin, which lead him to continue to register himself into the game voluntarily even when the 2 weeks expired.

He did wanted to give up at first due to the fight wasn't what he expected.

The reason why he had to hide was that his original body was trapped in his "Bed" due to his house collapsed in the earthquake.

But there is a time limit for the Bed and his original body, yet he still choose to continue as he can't leave Dorothy's side.

As story and fight go on, what wasn't expected was that the Oz Users might be fighting each other for the prize money which is the lump sums of the whole Geo used in the fighting, but that there is a hidden secret which might threaten the whole of Gaia.

It did seem that the "Girl" cards which Yuuri is holding is the key to the whole thing, and Dorothy unable to decide what to do, threw it out. And due to that, it lead to the current fight which Yuuri is in.

I still waiting for the last volumes, so that is all I know, since I not going to spoil out what most of the twist is about. But I did give hints on some part myself.

As far as I peeked, do you want to take part in the fighting in a virtual Gaia World in OZ?
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