Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 14 April 2013

Seem like today weather was very nice, with the morning been too cool from the heavy rain. I did wake up roughly just to close the window and went back to nap again.

But of course I need to go out today, which sure enough the weather is fine and nice.

But today I need to go and pray to my past grandfather, and so today went to "visit" him. Yet there are a lot of people, and since many are burning paper money, the place sure is hot and smoky. When I currently now not feeling well due to that.

But anyway, take a peek at what I been up too first.

-Mada's Figurines Report 8 April 2013
-Mada's Anime Goods Report 11 April 2013
-TriPeace (Manga)
-Watching a few new Anime
-New plan for changes in Hiding spot

First off, I sure am peeking at lot of Anime and Manga, which I tend to forget about time, especially when I watching them all at one shot.

But you can do the same, like the Tripeace which got a total of 43 Chapters, and you can peek into it, which isn't a bad manga.

Or you can admire some nice Anime goods or figurines which are also good for the peeking eyes. Even I take down some of my figurines just to peek into them once in a while.

Overall I still have my room to clear out some stuffs, and putting up some wall paper.

And to consider the amount of some of the Light novels which I yet to peek much into them. Well, I do aware that waiting for Anime can be a good thing, but I'm one of those who can't wait and want to know more about what happen.

Also as some parts differ from the anime, reading the origin Light Novel can be nice and interesting too. It sure give a different feeling and background when you peek into them.

Even as I say that, watching some anime can be a good thing, which this season offered many of my favor, and some at their second or next season. I sure can't wait to peek into their episodes.

With so many to do, time for me to take a short nap as I having a headaches (=w= ||)
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