Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Watching a few new Anime

I did seem a few of the anime which had their next season, and a few which I did not post about their previous season.

But I'll try when I got the time. But just to take note, I sure notice that this season sure got many interesting Anime which got me interested to peek into them.

A few new one which I'm sure to peek, and a few last season which I yet to post on.

First let take a peek at what I previously posted on a few of the anime which I posted and are now on their First or next Season.

Well, there are some remaining like Oreimo and Hyakka Ryouran which I peeked and never went to post due to either I forgotten about it, or it never come to my mind at that time.

Either way, Seem like this season sure is a good to look forward series which I would love to get my Peeking Eye ready for more anime.

Even the second season for a few of the series, will be more interesting and exciting than it previous. Even I can't watch for it next episodes every week, the pain of waiting is killing me!!

Oh well, they always say that patience is golden too.

But for most of the Anime with it next season, they sure are following the main story plot they origin from. Even some of the manga are shown out in the anime.

But like how anime go, they will depart some way or another from the original story plot anyway.

 Even though the Hataraku Maousama! Anime turned out to be great, the story plot still differ a bit from the origin. Overall, as long as they are great and interesting to peek, it still fine.

Some fans might read the original Manga, Light Novel or even game just to know how the original go. For some anime which origin from nothing, they are best to watch like Vividred Operation despite having Manga out.

With so many anime up and going, is there any series which you currently peeking into?
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