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Crimezone (Manga)

Crime Zone

Creator - Yamamoto Kenji


Drawn by Tokiya Seigo
[Same Drawer as OZ (Manga) by Iwai Kyohei]
Published in Dragon Age (Fujimi Shobo)
4 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Just a first warning before you start peeking into this type of Manga, which may not seem much, but they miss out that this Manga is of the very horror type, which you get to see how a people internal organ fly out, or run about,

Yes, I do see those type of Manga myself, which can be very disturbing due to how some characters die off due to having their internal body eaten off or get tear off.

And since there is some plot which show some naked body, so one to be careful for the younger age. Either way, this manga need some parent guardian if the young one going to peek into this.

Those who can't bear with the first chapter or how those other die out, then better stop, because one you step it, you might want to know more.

Story started with Aburaya Shiro, who lives a normal life with normal friends, or so he thought. The first plot of the story explained was the Vampires were real and very very dangerous.

Though they are under control and can't appear at night, they however can appear in dusk where the sun is at the weakest to feast on human.

And they are called Hesperides, a new type of Vampires where they aren't weak to cross, get hit in the heart or even holy water. And those who survive the attack of those Hesperides, they turned into Sub-species, which is like them and will attack human.

Problem is that they have the appearance of normal human at normal time, which made it hard to know who is the real human. The adult tend to give many warning and mentioned how not to go out in Dusk, or else risk meeting a Hesperides.

Aburaya didn't care about them, as same as the other, who doesn't seem to believe the Hesperides since the city didn't get attack for the past year.

But all change when he get invited to go back home early by the "Go Home Club" from his crush.

Though they were stopped by one of the student council member, what give them all the horror, and the first peek at one of the Hesperides, was Aburaya's love crush.

Turned out that she was a sub-species, and though she got shoot in the head, she didn't die from that and start killing off the people around Aburaya, which she claimed that she need to take her to her mistress.

The mistress themselves are one of the few pure blood hesperides. 7 in total, and they are hunted by Ichijoji Eruka for revenge. The timely appearance by Ichijoji did save Aburaya from getting bitten.

But she did reveal how things around his life are all fake, where her real childhood friends and parents were all dead for a few years. The reason was that the Hesperides are aiming at Aburaya, but for unknown reason.

It also seem that they want to "marry" him, which so far been claimed that he is their savior, even though he is just a normal human, from what been revealed.

Strangely is how the human side secret agent replacing his surrounding people with double, or fake so that Aburaya will not noticed. And even when his fake childhood friend Ayase die, there is another replacement for her.

Ichijoji's hands were different, which they can turn into some monster which can eat hesperides, or attack them with some beam or change into weapons form.

But those hands will stay as her normal hands when they are seal off, or when the "hands" get to sleep, or too tired to fight.

What her revenge are yet to reveal, nor even what the reason to why Aburaya being targeted by the Hesperides. And even so, the human did not kill him off, but allow him to live, even when they know Aburaya is being aimed.

Interestingly, there are times where they seem not hesitant to kill him off, since he tend to be the useless and tend to be afraid of the monster since his first encounter with them.

A frightening battle where normal human get eaten off, and the survivor turned into them, yet it would seem that Ichijoji want to kill off all the pure-blood.

I did get a fright when I saw how a normal human girl can talk with her head only, which later shown that she was able to turn into one of the sub-species. And in order to kill off the hesperides, they need to attack their core, or else they can regenerate back to their normal form.

Even when they are beautiful girls, they sure can transform into scary monsters if you're wondering.

Why do I peeked into the manga? Well, I find the plot not bad, though the killing can be very disturbing. But I do want to peek at it one shot so I can leave it one side and forget about the scary part.

I still need to refresh my mind with some cute stuffs like peeking at my cute nendoroid, or watching nice anime. But from what I peeked, do you want to be in that world where Hesperides rule the dusk in Crimezone?
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