Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preparing Plans and Time

Just when I start reading Light Novel, it can sometime easily take me to Dreamland. But of course I still need to clear and clean my bookshelf.

And to think that I need to paste the wall paper at the back of the bookshelf. And there even a 20% Discount for member at Kinokuniya this Weekend.

Of course I am planning a Walking Session with Book peeking the first in the list. Other stuffs will be depending on how I go about it.

There just so many things to look out for, and to think that the weather is also something to be careful. Well, the weather can get very hot in the morning and rain in the afternoon, and to think that today the Morning was a heavy Rain and a Sunny Afternoon later on.

Should one not be careful, he or she is going to get sick easily than one expected. Even my Grandmother and Imouto did gotten sick themselves.

As for me, I do need to drink a lot of water, though my back today did have some arch due to unknown reason.

Despite the hot weather, I still need to wear long pants and long sleeve clothes to sleep, since I don't cover myself with the blanket most of the time.

Before Napping, I do peek into Manga and Anime, but this time around, I am peeking into Light Novels, as I got a lot of series which I yet to finish up. Even for those which I recommended in my blog, I still peek into their latest chapters myself.

And when I peek more, it always ended with my sleeping halfway, or read until the next morning without me realising it.

It do happen when peeking into Manga and Anime or playing some games.

Well, once I get focus into something, I can't stop unless I need to go to the bathroom or to grab some bites.

I sure don't really like getting myself bored from doing nothing, but there are times when I can do absolutely nothing and still live by that day. As for now, time to do more peeking around and about first.
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