Saturday, December 14, 2013

Additional grabbing of some stuffs

So far I had to do any figurines report, but from the look for it, it really seem like I will be back and posting.

Reason being due to that I will try to get a full time out from Work.

Meaning that I will try to revert to being a NEET who spam post daily, but in order to do that, I will be posting a few figurines which I had invited to my room.

Taking photos of their nice pose and playing with other cute nendoroids friends.

I had try to juggle Work, Blog, Watch Anime, Read Manga / Light Novels, and other extra stuffs like creating a new website.

There just too much cute nendoroids in my room that I want to take photos of them no matter what the cost. Well.. I did grabbed a digital camera with my clean hands last month... (=w= |||)

But that not the only thing I will be doing. I will be trying to finish up on the Gunpla which I grabbed for so long during the month of Hiatus...

Yes... during the month of being MIA, I was in the battlefield of grabbing my favorite Gundam Model kits, since I like watching Gundam Seed series.


And though I like Freedom and other powerful models, I still prefer the first 5 model in which Athrun and his gang tried to steal from.

But that didn't stop me from grabbing Strike Rouge and Freedom Gundam.


To top it off, I will need to do the model once I settle down with many stuffs on hands. I even promised to do the model Kit for my Imouto's Merry Go and Thousand Sunny Pirate Ship from the Series One Piece.

She is really looking forward for her ship to be start sailing off.

I almost forgot about the "Grim Reaper" and the "Angel" from Gundam W, which I used to watch during my youth and liked Gundam.. (But it didn't occur to me that it was "Gundam" as I mistook them as moving robot who can shoot laser beam.)

Well, not really that wrong, but I don't even know what is Gundam until I watched Gundam Seed, and it was then that I realised what was Gundam W.


And so, I grabbed the 2 of them, since they just look so cool, and the both of them were my favorite back then. Really missed the anime when I like how they fight, which also practically meant I never what the story was about. (=x= |||)

Anyway, having grabbed all those cute and cool stuffs with my clean hands during the month of hiatus, of course I need to kill off one thing, either blog or work. Which ended with me taking a hard turning point in my life.

Well... The current work got very inflexible time, so I will stick back to blogging. And really, I hate not sharing on my blog for so long.

So, just be a little more patience and I will try to turn on my Turbo engine to the max.

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