Sunday, February 17, 2013

A 2 days Rainy Walking Session

A good time and day for the past 2 days would be what Xiong Mao (house's cat) is doing; Sleeping Soundly and enjoying the coolness.

But what I did was went out for Peeking, Grabbing and Walking, and surely enough I even got myself injury from the walking.

Well, the funny thing is how the timing of the 2 days raining happened just when I on my way to Orchard, and the Rain cloud is so dark, it just seem so obvious it going to rain.

Sadly, both Friday and Saturday the rain just come and hardly gone. Would had wished that I stayed at home, but still in the end I went out.
Just thinking about it, what amazed me is how I gotten onto the 2 different bus on 2 different date, yet the Famous bus Service 190 who should be filled with people, turned out to have a few on board.

Might be due to the raining weather.

Even so, on the second day I actually wished that I should had taken the MRT instead. Wonder what I was thinking yesterday.
But the feeling of taking a bus on a rainy day isn't that all bad at all. I can enjoy sitting down and the ride to Orchard Road.

The 2 day I would though Orchard Road might be crowded, but that not crowded. Really, when you didn't expect much, they always would appear so.

Even the Manga Festival at Kinokuniya have many people going down for some Defacement on their book by some Manga Author like Sgt Keroro, and Danny Choo who accompany the Dad of the Vocaloid, Itoh Hiroyuki, President of Crypton.
Also, try not to run on a rainy day if the shoe you wearing is slippery. I didn't expect my shoe to be very slippery despite being a new shoe. Did a sudden slip and fell, and of course, quickly climb back up and walk away "normally" as if the slip didn't happen.

I think there were some who saw it and were shocked.

Of course the pain stayed with me though the Friday Walking Session and once back home, I did a quick first aid to prevent the pain and swelling of the injury.

I also gotten myself wet from slipping on the wet floor, but the funny thing is; on the right self of my whole body is wet, the left side is dry.
Friday did have a few people going around, but coming over on Saturday was surprising. Think Kinokuniya got a big earning on that day.

Just having a few Mangaka and even Danny choo down there is enough to have this crowd. Well I did have a few peek before I get back home.

Of course I did grabbed a few books along before I go back.
Gotten my hand on 3 different series, and they are what I been waiting to grab with.

First off, Black Rock Shooter Manga. This Innocent Souls series is really not bad, and I really like how the plot go around.

If you really want to know more, then just click here to take a short peek.
Another series which I just introduced not too long ago.. Iscua.

I know there are some Fan Service Scene, but to think that I forgot it can earn the "Unsuitable for the Young" label..

For those Young Reader, please read it at your own risk and try not to think too much about those fan service. Go for the story plot instead which is not bad.

Last but not less, the Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi Light Novel. Seem like I will have another series and time which I need to read into.

Well the plot is very interesting, and to think that the more book I got, the less space my bookshelf will have. Even having my Uncle and his family coming over to visit and saying; "Wow, so many books"

Well, those books are very interesting to peek into anyway.

Anyway today will skip my usual Sunday Report and I will drag them all to next Sunday. Was busy doing some stuffs, like helping dad and other.

As for now, time to help Mum on her stuffs.

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