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Creator - YuzuSoft



Developed, Published, Designed by Yuzu Soft
Console - PC
(Single Player Visual novel | Eroge)

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Drawn by Kinono Konoki
Published in Comic Alive, Media Factory
1 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Dracu-Riot! Honey!
Drawn by Kanan Asuka
Published in Comic Earth Star, Earth Star Entertainment
1 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Erm, Actually I been peeking at some Anime and Manga which origin from Eroge, and I wasn't fully aware of them until I look into their information. But what past is past, so let take a peek at the first ever post on a Manga which origin from an Eroge.

Dracu-Riot start out with a plot on a normal student, Yūto Mutsura, who went to the Aqua Eden to lose their virginity. The place is well-known as where gambling, sex, trade, and thievery are considered totally legal by the government.

But the darkest secret unknown is that it home of Vampires too.

Just be it a fate or luck, Yuto was dragged into a mission unintentionally, where he was trying to save a girl, Miu Yarai, from some kidnappers. Well, he was later taken hostage by a Vampire, and he bit her in order to escape.

Yet, due to that biting incident, it caused Yuto to become a Vampire; an accident which caused Miu to blame herself for not able to protect him. When a normal human drink the blood of the Vampire, he/she will become a vampire. Like a Virus which infect and cause the human to change into a Vampire, there is a Vaccine to cure and change the person back into a human.

Yet, the Vaccine did not work on Yuto as he become a Vampire and need to drink Blood in order to survive. Same wise, initially when he like Daylight, now he is weak to Sunlight and will be more active at Night.

Also, each Vampire got their own abilities and only able to activate them when they drink Human Blood. There are many different type, Miu can use telekinesis.

The other 2 who stayed with them, Rio Inamura who got super-human strength and Erina Olegovna Aveen who can control the elements but only when she drink a Vampire Blood.

Well, the only human in the group is Azusa Mera who got a child like appearance. Last one who stay with them is Nicolas Chepus who didn't have much air time. One thing known about is that she got a funny way of talking.

There is one more Powerful Vampire who rule the Aqua Eden, Sayo Aragami, who lived for 200 years and is aware of thing. Even given advice to other when they need it. Well, for an Eroge, this got a nice story and plot to it, which got me interested. The most information I can seek out is from Manga and on-line data. Will need to grab this game and play... when I able to come across it somehow.

One thing for sure is that since it a Visual Noble, it is also a dating simulation where you go around a route of a girl. Story plot differ for each girls and the choice you make in between.

Due to that, just basing off the manga would give lesser credit to the original game. Well, but it still Flesh to take a peek at those little Manga. If you're over 18, then try your way to grab the game and go though it. Problem would be that it in Japanese, so you must know how to read them, or listen to the Voice Actor / Actress.

Since it an Eroge, must sure when you're playing it, cos it might cause some misunderstanding. If I got it, I would try to ensure no one at home or are sleeping before I take a peek. But I wonder how I can go and grab one myself.

It did seem that story plot is pretty interesting, and I like how the Manga for both plot to go about. The other one is based on Erina's path of the original game. And due to the reason that she wear a bunny Girl, I like that girl if I was to choose one girl from the whole cast. If there is another one, then I will have a headaches.

She is one who like to tease other with Sexual joke and thing. Yet the thing is that she don't like to get teased by other.

Yuto in this story was a human who change into Vampire when he bite the one who took him hostage, and interestingly, he is able to use many different Abilities. But in some part, it only show that his main one is to harden his body.

Well, known as a Vampire Eater, who eat other Vampire and gaining their abilities, if the secret is out, Yuto will be hated by other Vampire. Even Sayo did said the same thing, even if she is known as Loli-Granny due to having a child like appearance and being 200 years old.

Despite so, he a happy go lucky and care for the girls who stay with him. Due to being a Vampire, he was forced to stay, study and work in Aqua Eden, which he just accept. Miu did blamed herself at first, only to let it go after hearing Yuto's words.

Well, since he IS the Main Character of an Eroge as mentioned by his best friend, Naota Kurahashi, there are 4 girls who like him. If your're interested to know, either peek at the Manga, or try some way or another to grab that game.

As far as I peeked, do you want to become a Vampire and Stay in Aqua Eden in Dracu-Riot! ?
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