Friday, February 1, 2013

Focus on Cleaning

Ok, let check my schedule which been haunting me and not letting me doing some blogging.

Reading Manga and Light Novels, Check! Watching Anime, Check! Cleaning up House and own Hiding Spot, Check! Time not Enough, Confirmed double check!

When I said that I need to focus, what I really need is some coffee due the point that I do get sleeping halfway when reading some Light Novel.. Well, I can dream about the story on that.

However it was due to the reason that my dad been sending in his Imperial Order, which I also tend to be very tired when there isn't much customers.

Chinese New Year is nearing, and many families are starting to do Spring Cleaning to ensure a good year start clean, neat and flesh. Even I had to clear off old clothes and newspaper, and I stop buying english newspaper since I can peek into the Chinese one.

Just need to know some latest happening which is fine. But what surprised me is not that I still got a wardrobe full of clothes, but is that my Imouto finally overtaken me on having the most amount of clothes.

Well, some of my clothes are meant to be wear on occasional, with some are wore at home. But still, I been used to wearing the same old plain clothes which I been hoping them to be spoil so that I can throw them off.

Some I did throw them off, and there still a few more to go. It really hard to decide which to throw since some are still can be wear.

Spring Cleaning sure need some hard work, and decision making to ensure it success, before the Chinese New Year.

As for now, some to head off to do what the Imperial Order had ordered me to do.

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